Welcome To The Public House

Good morning and thanks for stopping by.  In the event that you have arrived under false pretenses let’s start with what Padres Public is not.

Padres Public is not an actual pub. I know, I know. It’s all very disappointing. A liquor license is terribly expensive and always in short supply so we went with the alternative: a website. And with a web developer in-house and no overhead to speak of, this grand adventure of ours has become a reality. While Padres Public is not a pub it is most definitely like one. We’ll revisit this suggestion a bit later.

Padres Public is not a site that would ask you to abandon the awesome community you’re already a part of.  The idea of community is what makes following the Padres so much fun even when the team has fallen short of our expectations. We would like to extend thanks to the hard working members of the Padres Blogosphere for their dedication and commitment. We hope to continue working together to create a vibrant, fun community of Padres fans.

So what is Padres Public, you ask?

Padres Public is a collection of current Padres blogs that will provide content on a daily basis here in one place instead of doing so dispersed across the web. Over the years we’ve found it challenging to create dynamic content on a consistent basis at our own websites. Equally difficult has been the task of visiting so many different Padres sites each day. Hopefully Padres Public will help to alleviate these issues by housing the following blogs in one location:

.400 in ’94, Avenging Jack Murphy, Ghost of Ray Kroc, Left Coast Bias, Padres & Pints, Padres Prospects, Padres Trail, RJ’s Fro, The Sacrifice Bunt, Son of a Duck (Ducksnorts), The Vocal Minority, and Woe Doctor.

We here at Padres Public adhere to the age-old maxim that a bunch of half-asses can make one fabulous ass.

In an effort to keep things fresh we will also feature the occasional special guest.  To preserve an element of surprise here at the Pub we’ll go ahead and leave it at that.

If you’ve ever read our stuff you’ll know that collectively we enjoy providing analysis of our favorite team and the media that covers them using humor, sarcasm, satire, snark and any other means at our disposal. We won’t be breaking news here, just following along with an unhealthy blend of faith and skepticism. As Padres fans we don’t know any other way.

Let’s get back to that whole idea of this place being like a public house. A pub is nothing more than a location for friends to meet over beers and some lighthearted conversation. But time is always limited and meeting up with friends can be difficult so we created this place to talk Padres. We invite you to crack open a beer with us and stay awhile. Maybe we can all do it in person some time*.


Padres Public

* FanFest is Saturday. Let’s do it then.

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  • Corey Brock

    Looking forward to this. Looks like a great collaboration.

  • Who is Keyser Söze then?

  • I like the Padres and I like some of you. Good enough for me!

  • Ciggy

    Love it guys. This is going to be a great place for Padres Fans during the season. Thanks for putting this together.

  • SDPads1

    Alright, we’ve come this far gentleman, I guess we can hang it up now. It was a good run!!

    • This was a joke, but at the same time, I’m pretty sure Rick might disappear for long periods of time. Also, I’m looking forward to more proper Padres blogging. Sick of the Bleacher Report showing up in my news feeds.

      • SDPads1

        You know me too well. Also we forgot to tell you that every post we are doing will be in slideshow format. Sorry to break the news.

  • WarningSLO

    Can’t wait to see what’s in store.

  • Congrats on your Grand Hatching!

  • japhy_ryder

    So I’ll take a Firestone Solace and leave my tab open. Thanks.

  • What’s going on on this side?

  • Prior Friar

    If there is no beer involved, I’m out.

    • VM David

      Padres and Pints, I’ll continue the Padres Brewing Project, and…well, it’s all of us.

      Beer will most definitely be involved.

      • Prior Friar

        Then I am most definitely in!

  • VM David

    It’s okay to be shaking, right?

  • SteveSkandal

    Great idea guys!
    Looking forward to the coverage collaboration.

  • May the blogging commence!

  • Very cool. And, about the actual bar… let’s not drop that concept too quickly, either. Best of luck, and I’ll be back. – Chris

  • Congrats on opening, guys!

  • Congratulations! You have created a superblog! (Adds to bookmarks) Looking forward to following the 2013 season with you fine gents!

  • One-stop shopping for all my Padres blog-reading needs. Thanks!

  • Melvin

    Upvotes for everyone!

  • Yes! Yes! Yes!

  • Very excited for this endeavor.

  • I approve of this. Good luck y’all.

  • “We won’t be breaking news here, just following along with an unhealthy blend of faith and skepticism.”

    If you’re providing some skepticism, that will qualify as breaking news most of the time, too. Welcome, and I’m looking forward to this.

  • Thanks for the interest and the kind words, all.

    Many thanks also go to the fellas for reading the first post and offering their input so that I could accurately convey our collective mission with this project.

    It should also be noted that the fantastic line about a bunch of half-asses coming together to make one fabulous ass came from the Vocal Minority’s David.

  • One stop shopping. I am excite.

  • These guys sure seem handsome

  • I’m excited for this collaboration. It will help me get through the Josh Byrnes era. Friends and beers.

  • I look forward to reading Padres Public throughout the season, this is a great idea and I am genuinely excited about the site! – Duane / 90feetofperfection.com

  • Nacho

    All championship organizations start with a faithful gathering of committed players dedicated to and supported by a public community.

    Blog Ho!

    Nacho Padre

  • Sounds like a place I might fit in…

  • Axion

    *backflips in*

    im here

  • Jefe

    This is just awesome – already bookmarked – thanks to all for bringing this together