Winter Is Coming

December is here.

Bleak. Dark. Cold. Snow. Ice. The days are short and cold. The nights are long and colder. If you’re anything like me, you’re never without a blanket wrapping your body or covered by your favorite hoodie. Or both. Indoors or outdoors. Turn the heat up too high and not only does your gas bill go through the roof but your skin turns into jerky. There’s a reason one Cleveland motto is “you gotta be tough.”

Or maybe that’s just me. I sometimes forget that San Diego and Cleveland have radically differing climates (no I don’t). In any case, the Chargers lost again this weekend, and nobody in San Diego got to watch it. With 3 more home games remaining, Chargers fan may not be able to see much of the remaining season. Pitchers and catchers don’t report for another 2 1/2 months. What should we do with ourselves until then?

I, for one, am committed to drinking Moscow Mules. Ever had one? They’re delightful. Easy to make too. A shot of vodka (or more, preferably a non-Russian brand these days), a half ounce of lime juice, and 4 ounces of ginger beer. Stir and pour over ice. Forget the copper cup, that’s just a gimmick. Use a rocks glass. No garnish necessary. Brilliance in a glass. I’m on my 4th right now.

Other suggestions? I’m full of them:

Go outside, assholes

As someone who will want nothing to do with the outdoors for the next 4 months, I encourage you all to go out and enjoy what you’re paying a premium for to live in San Diego: the ability to wear shorts nearly every day of the year and never having to shovel snow out of your driveway or scrape an inch of ice off your car. Be outside as much as you possibly can be. It’s why your rent/mortgage is draining your bank account, so take advantage of it.

Incessantly track the Padres every move 

As a Padres blogger, I emphatically encourage this option. While I don’t get anything monetarily out of this blog, and I don’t get any perks of being associated with the blog since I don’t live in Southern California, I do very much appreciate your page views, comments, retweets, replies, follows, etc.

Oh yeah, and Padres GM Josh Byrnes promised Bill Center that the Padres will make another move before the end of the winter meetings, which conclude on December 12th. The team is looking for a lefty bat or a lefty reliever. Which will it be? I, like you, can’t wait to find out.

Watch Aztecs Basketball

As I type this, the San Diego State Aztecs, your/my hometown mid-major university, are tied 53-53 with 25th ranked Marquette in the championship of the Wooden Legacy tournament in Orange County. They beat 20th ranked Creighton to get here. This is a fun, athletic team that will almost surely make another run at the NCAA tournament. Their only loss thus far this season was to an Arizona team that may be the best in the nation, and the Aztecs played them pretty close.

No, they’re not going to win the NCAA Tournament, but this is the closest thing the city of San Diego has to a sustained winner you can watch on TV. Did I go to SDSU? No, I went to Fullerton. SDSU rejected me, anyway. Something about too many applicants or whatever. I didn’t dwell on it.

Or, like Left Coast Bias, you could root for Arizona and be a fan of one of the top 5 teams in the country. Or, if you don’t like basketball, you could go outside.

Completely disconnect until February or March

I’m not trying it, but you could. No Facebook. No Twitter. No MLB Trade Rumors. No Fangraphs. Don’t even read the UT, not that you still subscribe to that sinkhole of a newspaper anymore anyway. I’m not a huge fan of this option, since you won’t be reading the Padres Public either, but it’s your choice.

Oh hey, the Aztecs just beat Marquette. Good times.

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