Victory! #YellowWins

Oh my god, it’s been 3 days and I still can’t believe it’s actually happening.

We did it.


After all these years; all the frustration, the petitions, the dismissals, the insults. We persevered, we kept fighting, we stayed positive, and we’re about to get what we’ve so passionately been asking for.




We did it. You did it. Congratulate yourselves.

Friday at Petco Field, with much pomp and circumstance, the Padres announced the logo for the 2016 All-Star Game, with the general assumption being that any uniform changes going into 2016 would be represented in the logo.

Look at it.

It’s glorious.

Classic Padres blue, good old battleship grey, a splash of sky blue for intrigue, and most importantly, a star, circle, and ribbon of amazing sunshine yellow. 31 years ago, the Padres made the mistake of abandoning yellow as a secondary color after 16 years of amazing yellow-trimmed uniforms, switching to ugly orange which was so gross they abandoned it completely upon moving in to Petco Field, and now it looks like they’ve decided to finally right their greatest wrong and give the people what they want.

I’d really like to think this blog, named The Vocal Minority after former Team President Tom Garfinkel labeled yellow lovers as such, had something to do with this momentous color change.

I know for a fact that this wouldn’t have happened without the Bring Back The Yellow movement. Our good friends over at @backtheyellowSD have to be overjoyed. I know I am.

I mean, it’s not all perfect, of course. Not everyone has agreed over the years as to what shade of yellow they should use. Some wanted mustard. Others wanted something resembling yellow gold. Very recently, there had been a small and almost unintelligible pull for Minion Yellow. I personally was hoping for traditional chartreuse, but I’m a little bit of a yellow geek.

Of course, until the 2016 uniforms are released, we won’t know how they will incorporate the new color into the uniform design, but we know one thing for sure: the future is bright for the San Diego Padres. Bright yellow.

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