Substitute #SezBill II: Cruise Control

Hi, filling in for Ray again. He seems to be back from vacation, but we’ll let him catch his breath. In this edition of Sez Bill, we visit the underground catacombs of Paris, take a look at the charming Bordeaux countryside, join fishermen on the coast of Normandy, and tour the magical palace at Versailles. Wait, no. None of that.

Here we go!

– Too many “ifs” for Bill’s sake, but the Padres aren’t as panicked about finding a starting pitcher on the market with Kelly looking sharp, Cashner being closer than originally thought, Stauffer being ready to start the season, and apparently Anthony Bass simply being present.

– Gyorko’s service time is not a concern for Byrnes or Black. However, if he doesn’t win a starting job, he’ll start the season in Tucson. Will not be used as a reserve in San Diego.

– Matt Wisler charms Bill, who doesn’t think Donn Roach makes the rotation out of Spring Training. (Earlier today, Corey Brock predicted Roach would be in the Padres’ rotation by season’s end.)

– The Padres aren’t concerned about Everth Cabrera situation. Bill’s more concerned with him staying healthy than being suspended. Worst case, thinks Forsythe and Ransom are insurance and the Padres will not seek another shortstop.

– Like’s Tyson Ross’s stuff, not his control. (Ray’s going to love this) Suggests Ross is the kind of pitcher Balsley has had success “fixing” in the past.

– Not only is Randy Jones going to be in camp as an instructor, but Andy Ashby arrived today to work minor league mini-camp. (Presumably, to teach them how to sweat like a champ.)

– Gyorko hits a lot of line drives in BP.

– Bill believes the Padres are going for something similar to the top of the Green Monster seats in the new section over the modified RF fence.

– Not sure that Donavan Tate will be a Padre after Spring Training. He’s not progressing, and he has members of the organization questioning his desire.

– I can’t summarize stuff like this, so here’s a quote: “The early schedule is tough with the first seven games on the road and nine of the next 12 against the Dodgers and Giants. If they did repeat last year’s terrible start, they would not be able to dig themselves out of it. But you have to play the schedule. It’s up to the Padres. But I see a fast start as something that is far from a give. If they did get off to a fast start, they would have a lot of momentum.” There you have it?

– Guzman wouldn’t bring much back by himself, would need to be packaged with a prospect to get anything significant. Has wondered about Milwaukee’s interest with Gamel going down.

– Given good health and progress, Darnell could potentially see a Padres corner OF spot in his future. Like Blanks, needs to prove he can stay healthy.

– Cabrera has the edge over Dreamy Logan due to glove (As pointed out here on Wednesday by Met, that edge isn’t necessarily because that glove is good) and speed, but the club was talking about going with Forsythe at SS as recently as August. Want to see if Cabrera’s solid finish carries over.

– Expect a dozen (or so) guys from minor league camp to get cameos. Buddy likes to mix them in. Expect this more with position players than pitchers.

– If Tyson Ross can harness his stuff, he will be the biggest surprise to come out of Spring Training.

– Padres taking a “wait and see” approach on Rick Porcello. (I suspect this isn’t exclusive to Porcello)

– “Richard” calls Everth Cabrera a failed experiment and wants to replace him with Ryan Theriot. Bill points out that Theriot is a second baseman. (He’s also worse than Everth Cabrera)

– Bill repeats what he said last week about his belief that Cashner will start the season on the DL to stretch out in some rehab starts, then join the rotation afterward.

– Grandal will be the everyday catcher in 2015.

– “Ross” probably closest pitcher in the organization to Cashner’s velocity. Doesn’t specify which one.

– Gyorko will hit 6th or 7th if he makes the opening day roster, with catcher and possibly Maybin hitting behind him.

– PED stuff hasn’t made for a good start to the spring, but Cabrera hasn’t been found guilty of anything. (Neither has De Los Santos)

– Commenter “Andrew” would like us to dream upon a lineup that would have included both Alonso and Rizzo, with Rizzo playing right field. Bill kindly points out the absurdity of Rizzo in RF.

– Padres believe Maybin’s wrist is a chronic issue, but the training staff sees it as something they can control. He aggravated it doing push-ups this winter.

– Rymer Liriano projects as a power guy.

– “Some bloggers” have complained about the promo schedule. (Hi!) Bill agrees that it’s pretty crummy.

– Quentin looks 10-15 pounds lighter, seems to be running without issues. Not sure if we’ll see him very often this spring.

– “Hi Bill, why doesn’t MLB use aluminum bats?” “Because a pitcher would get killed.”

– Bill says David Eckstein can’t play anymore, would make a great coach. I wonder why Bill decided to answer this after weeks of ignoring commenter “True Grit” pleading for the return of Eckstein . 🙁

– Gyorko’s offensive success will carry more weight than any defensive struggles. If he hits and Quentin stays healthy, the offense will be noticeably better. (Padres 2013 slogan might as well be “If he/they, then…”)

– Kotsay and Quentin are veterans who make an impact on young players.

– Gyorko, Liriano, Hedges, Fried, Roach, Erlin, Luebke, Wisler, and Weickel are prospects who can make an impact. Padres themselves aren’t happy with just “minor league depth”.

– Byrnes is talking trades, but nothing imminent.

– Thinks Tate is going to be cut, or traded for another “bust” like Dykstra was. Thinks not inviting him to big league camp was a not-so-subtle hint.

– Bill’s working on Padres players/staffers as guests in his chat, but ST games starting early is throwing a wrench into that plan.

– Would like to see Guzman packaged with a bullpen arm and prospect for a starter. Doesn’t think the Padres should part with more than one reliever.

– Hasn’t heard any speculation from the Padres about suspected PED use by Donavan Tate in high school. (What a bizarre question…)

– Could see protective gear for pitchers being mandatory, at some point.

– Street looks good in spring. Stuff has never been his problem, but injuries have.

– RANT about how the Padres don’t trade players for prospects anymore, and just sign injury-prone players to “crazy” contracts instead. Okay.

– 3-5 hitters will combine for 70-72 home runs. (That’s an oddly specific window.)

– Bullpen is a strength in 2013.

– Thad Weber is a real longshot to make the roster. Commenter asked because he pitched well in the opening Spring Training game, of course.

– “Reality Check” wants Venable in CF and Denorfia in RF, because they’re both better than Maybin. Bill points out that neither of those guys is an everyday CF. (Where do these people come from?)

– Modern ballplayers are in much better physical condition, and spend more time in the weight room/are more disciplined physically than old-timers.

– Outside of Gyorko, sees Kelly as a rookie to make the opening day roster.

– Jerry Coleman will pretty much only broadcast home games.

– Drug testing is mandatory for everyone in ST, random throughout the season.

– Agrees the media does play “rumor mill” with PED allegations, as opposed to waiting for the process to play out.

– Hard to get a handle on who is impressing in spring until games are played.

– Gives Padres owners a free pass on not signing Headley by saying they will have a hard time keeping Headley if the Yankees or Red Sox come calling.

– Pitchers aren’t training for a four-man rotation because they have more of a workload pitch-wise than they did in the past.

– Defends the Caminiti/Snickers story, as Krasovic and several others saw it for themselves.

– Cabrera left ACES after they were tied to PEDs, Grandal admitted using PEDs to the Padres. Big difference between the two situations.

And that’s it! That’s really it!

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    I’m (obviously) not a regular reader … so I’m lost from the beginning of this article … who is “Bill”? And what is the context for these comments? (ie. are they web/chat? or radio? or …?)