Substitute Sez Bill (02/15)

Hi! Ray’s unavailable for #SezBill today, and just like I would sometimes do on Twitter, I’m taking over for the day. Let’s get right to it, shall we?

– Bill doesn’t think Carlos Quentin’s weight loss will affect his power. Feels his power comes from bat speed and torque, which is why his knee does concern him.

– Liriano injured his elbow on one throw during a workout at the Padres Academy in the Dominican Republic. Tommy John surgery will be performed next Wednesday, by Dr. Hoenecke at Scripps.

– Experiences relayed to him by other Padres has Bill thinking Liriano won’t be in San Diego until the end of 2014. Liriano situation doesn’t affect Chase Headley in any way.

– Bill doesn’t quite know how insurance on player contracts work, other that it’s expensive and it’s becoming harder to find underwriters.

– Cashner can be ready on opening day if Cashner wants to be, but that won’t be as a starter. Bill thinks he’ll start the season on the DL, get in a few rehab starts to get stretched out, then back into the rotation.

– The Padres won’t go after Giancarlo Stanton after the Liriano injury, because Liriano likely would have been going the other way to make that deal work.

– Liriano’s injury definitely changes the Padres’ approach to the 2014 outfield. We might very well see Venorfia again NEXT year.

– We’re playing “let’s pretend”: If Headley and Gyorko are both playing well in June, and the Padres decide to move Headley, they may very well look to acquire a corner outfielder or SS. Bill thinks they could have a lot of pitching depth (note: EHHHHH) with people returning from injuries and everything working out perfectly. Also, they might move Grandal because he’s naughty. Bill finally admits he’s biased toward Logan Forsythe.

– Yes, Liriano can still debut in 2014.

– The Padres recently sought clarification on the issue of Grandal’s availability during Spring Training, as Black and Byrnes were unclear about the rules. Definitive answer: He’s available in ALL ST games.

– Yonder Alonso spent a lot of time working out with Phil Plantier this offseason, especially working on his lower body. Bill sees more power potential, and tabs him as his pick to break out in 2013.

– He was three days late, and everybody began to wonder if he’d show up, but Jose De Paula is in Peoria.

– Maybin has put on 15 pounds, is confident, and determined to do better. Padres hitting coaches do not speak as confidently about his strides as they do those of Alonso, Headley, and Dreamy Logan.

– Padres and Clayton Richard’s reps are talking, about $600k apart in negotiations.

– Reiterates his pick of Yonder Alonso as the breakout (I typed “breakfast” initially. San Diegan, through and through.) player of 2013. I’ll interject and tab him as my breakfast player of 2013.

– Padres still looking at adding a starting pitcher, Buddy wants to see what his club can do after the finish in 2012.

– Bill really likes Yonder Alonso. He does a lot of good work in Miami and wants to continue doing it here. His rookie campaign even more impressive with the news that he had knee surgery prior to the season.

– “I don’t think Chase is going to take a San Diego discount. Nor should he be required to. Chase will want to be here if the Padres make him a fair offer — and show him they want to win in the future. Who knows, the Padres might have been able to wrap Chase up last spring by offering him the deals that got Maybin, Luebke and Headley to extend.”

– Bill doesn’t see the Padres winning the division.

– Guzman doesn’t have a lot of trade value (i.e. in a package for a starting pitcher), as teams are likely looking at him as a guy who won’t make the opening day roster for San Diego.

– Grandal is a good guy who made a huge mistake, and it will be interesting to hear his apology/see his approach to it.

– Darnell and Blanks will get a long look this spring.

– Kyle Lohse wants a lot of money, and most teams aren’t sold on him being worth it. Commenter “Willie” hopes the Padres aren’t holding out on singing Lohse due to the “precious draft pick”.

(note: *fart noise*)

– Padres have to worry least about fielding, worry most about pitching.

– Spangenberg isn’t being blocked by Gyorko in the immediate future.

– Venable’s defense actually matters, as part of Venorfia.

– Bill’s looking at 24-27 home runs from Headley, isn’t “sold on him” repeating last year yet. Commenter would be “disappointed” if Headley was “going back” to hitting 18-21 home runs.

(note: 12 was Headley’s high before 2012. 18-21 would be more than that, sir/ma’am!)

– Jaff Decker is sharing a cubicle with Kyle Blanks in Peoria. Despite a poor 2012, he has been protected from the Rule 5 draft.

– Jason Hagerty is in camp, no longer considered a top prospect in the system because there is so much more depth.

– Definitely thinks Trevor Hoffman is giving Norf a run for his money in the hair department.

– Bill is in Peoria. Make your reservations today.

– Cabrera is the starting shortstop, but Forsythe will get a long look during ST. If Gyorko wins 2B job out of camp, Forsythe will be super utility guy.

– This fan is not excited about two more years of Venorfia. RANT!

– Brad Brach is a good kid who Bill projects to be in the bullpen this year.

– Question asking if the Padres would trade for a big bat if Quentin is injured and Headley struggles (note: oh, come on). Bill points out that they would be in sell mode in that scenario, not looking to add a bat.

– The Padres will wisely keep Quentin in LF, away from RF.

– Casey Kelly has a solid shot at making the rotation, Tyson Ross is his dark horse!

– Padres want to keep Headley, but don’t know if they can. Throws out $15M figure, again.

– Padres will not be picking up Jose Valverde, in case you were curious.

– Bill wants Headley hitting for the Padres in 2013, as opposed to trading him now if they are unwilling to give an extension.

– Unsure if James Darnell could play RF every day, but he’ll be starting in AAA regardless of position.

– Pitching looks great if everyone comes back healthy and all prospects pan out. Padres are wishing on this star.

– Padres have a challenge with 7 road games to start the season, but doesn’t see them repeating their awful 2012 start.

– Thinks Ron Fowler is a smart man, but doesn’t think the plan he’s laid out allows for much wiggle room in regards to bad moves/mistakes.

– Future Padres Bill is most excited about seeing in a Padres uniform: Fried, Gyorko, Liriano, Hedges.

– Bill’s rooting for Nick Hundley to turn things around.

– Padres definitely think Kelly is ready to start the season in San Diego.

– No chance Stanton is coming to San Diego now. None.

(note: There are 4 or 5 Stanton trade questions I left out prior to this, because he already addressed it earlier.)

– Don’t get down on the .500 September and poo-poo the momentum talk, they were playing playoff-caliber teams.

(note: pretty much true.)

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  • I like the commenter who called Liriano, “Rumor”. Which I think is a Fleetwood Mac album. Fleetwood Liriano.

    I would love to have Stanton. But c’mon.

  • I’m going with Brad Brach as my Breakfast Player of the Year.

  • Breakfast Player of the Year needs to be an award as soon as possible. The Stanton trade questions crack me up. Might as well ask if a unicorn will be playing CF.

    • Right after we get that Vedder Cup that someone promised… ::cough::

    • Dis

      That’s silly. Everyone knows that gazelles plays CF, unicorns play SS.

      • Wait…So they’re NOT going to have a unicorn in CF?

  • padmadfan

    I wonder why the hitting coaches are down on Maybin? It looks like he’s finally figured out how to leverage his strength and athleticism into a really powerful swing. There’s still going to be a lot of swing and miss to his game, but I think he’s primed for his best year at the plate. Maybe .250/.310/.440 with 12-20 home runs?