No GM For You!

It’s late afternoon on Monday, August 4th, and the Padres have not yet selected their new GM, the man or woman they shall choose to lead us away from the Josh Byrnes tire fire and into the next tire fire an era of sustained success. We hear that it should happen this week, and some thought it might happen today, but no such luck, and all we’re left with is stale rumors.

I have no idea or inside information on who shall be chosen, and this post will contain no links to sources, because it’s all just rumor and speculation anyway, and if there was any actual information to post I wouldn’t be writing this speculative post. I do have some thoughts on who it might or might not be, though, and here they are, in no particular order:

I Don’t Think It’s Kim Ng

I do not believe the Padres will be making history by hiring the first female GM in MLB history. It just doesn’t add up. The fact that they’ve waited until after the deadline to choose makes sense for all three candidates who have jobs with MLB clubs, but it would be unnecessary if they were hiring Ng, and I think it says something that they’ve still waited. If they were going to hire Ng, I think they would have done it by now.

Also, there’s a series of tweets out there from Will Carroll, Bleacher Report writer, last week that seemed pretty confident it was not going to be a lady. Ng, of course, is the only lady up for the job.

Preller Has The Most Buzz, Hazen The Least

I think it’s going to be either A.J. Preller, AGM of the Rangers, or Mike Hazen, AGM of the Red Sox, and both the large amount of buzz surrounding the idea of Preller being hired and the complete lack of buzz surrounding Hazen lead me in this direction. Either the Padres are being very obvious with who they want or they’re being very secretive, and there is hardly ever any in-between.

If they’re being obvious, and the “sources” are leaking only correct information, then Preller will beat out Billy Eppler for the job, but if the sources are being sneaky and giving out information as a misdirect, then it’s probably Hazen, the guy getting the least amount of buzz in the rumor mill.

Eppler is caught somewhere in between. He’s getting some buzz as a final 2 candidate with Preller, but the signs that point that way are all pointing toward Preller getting the job. Plus, I don’t really think Eppler is a great fit, so unless he blew everyone away in the interview process or is willing to work for a lot less money than everyone else (because the Padres are cheap and might actually make a decision this way), I don’t think he’s the guy.

So Who The Hell Is The New GM?

I’m betting that it’s Preller. There’s not a lot of reason for there to be a bunch of psy-ops misdirection about who is getting the job, and there are a lot of signs pointing his way. Jonah Keri, of Grantland and Canada, called his potential hiring “compelling” on Twitter. As the Hunt For Blue/Grey/White/Camo October has gone on and we’ve learned more about each of the candidates, he’s jumped higher and higher in my personal rankings. Plus, he’s a Delta Chi, so we’re bros.

Of Course, I Really Have No Idea

But you knew that already.

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