In Which The Padres Are Barely Discussed

“Hey, why don’t you guys just get together and form some sort of megablog?” – any number of people I know, over the last few years

Around New Year’s Day, Rick of RJ’s Fro sent us a message asking what we thought of this very idea. A great idea, I thought. One that’d been discussed, but nobody ever got off of their butt to get the ball rolling. Kind of a theme which brought all of us together, which we noted in the opening post on this site: a bunch of half-asses making one fabulous ass. The fabulosity of our ass is for you to decide…but you are here sneaking a peek.

According to the Vocal Minority rotation, this is my second-to-last post of the 2013 regular season (not that PP will go into hybernation in the offseason). Being that the next one will come in the final week, and I’m likely to write some sort of nonsense reviewing part of the season, I wanted to use this medium for something else. If you think this is a waste of space, know this: I was going to write about how much of a waste of roster space Mark Kotsay is. And when you think about it, that kind of piece is about as necessary as starting Mark Kotsay in September. Instead, I want to put some positivity out there.

In the past year, Padres Public has grown beyond my (and probably everybody else’s) wildest expectations. Our initial thought process was that the lot of us went through stretches where we barely posted, so if we joined forces perhaps we could maintain a blog where content would be updated regularly and Padres fans wouldn’t lose interest. It doesn’t seem that you guys have lost interest, and we’ve only gained momentum.

Thank you to everyone who reads us, most of all. Whether you think I’m noise amongst a group of talented people, or you genuinely enjoy what I do…thank you for coming! Never had any idea Nate and I starting our silly blog would turn into this. It’s been a fun season, and I hope we’re doing it for many more to come. I’m tremendously grateful for the friends I’ve made with this group, as well as those of you I’ve gotten to know on Twitter. Even those who unfollow me when I tweet about soccer. #COYS

Seriously, lots of love to you all. Thank you.


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