Factual Facts Of Relative Relevance

It’s May 5th. In Spanish, that translates to Cinco De Mayo, an unofficial holiday in the United States, celebrated throughout America by white people dressing up in racist outfits, drinking crappy Mexican lagers and watered down Margaritas, and eating tacos. That’s a fact. Here are some other facts:

The Padres have played 32 games. 32 games is roughly 20% of the season.

The Padres have won 14 games, which puts them on a pace for approximately 71 wins.

The Padres are dead last in Major League Baseball in runs scored, with 84. They are averaging 2.6 runs scored per game. They have scored more than 3 runs in just 10 games.

In the 10 games in which the Padres have scored at least 4 runs, their record is 9-1. If you’d allow me to editorialize for a moment, it seems like they might be better off scoring more runs.

The Padres have not scored more than 6 runs in any game this season. Padres opponents have scored more than 6 runs in 3 games.

The Padres won Sunday afternoon in dramatic fashion, scoring the winning run in the bottom of the 9th on a walk-off fielder’s choice ground ball by Yonder Alonso.

Speaking of Yonder Alonso, he has exactly 1 hit in his last 10 games played. In those 10 games, he has 32 plate appearances. He has 1 walk, 1 single, and 1 walk-off fielder’s choice.

Yonder Alonso is currently sporting a .163/.193/.221 triple-slash and a 14 wRC+, which ranks him dead last among qualified batters in all of baseball.

Yonder Alonso’s last home run came on May 19th, 2013. In exactly two weeks, it will be a year since his last home run.

Yonder Alonso hurt his wrist last season.

Yonder Alonso lost weight in the off-season.

In AAA, Kyle Blanks has 9 home runs and a 1.014 OPS. His 9 home runs are 2nd in the Pacific Coast League, and his 1.014 OPS ranks 6th in the PCL.

Former Padres 1st round draft pick and Rancho Bernardo High School product Allan Dykstra ranks 3rd in the PCL in OPS, as a 27 year old in the Mets organization.

I graduated from Poway High School, a main rival of Rancho Bernardo High School.

Yonder Alonso is not the only Padres position player performing below career averages.

Jedd Gyorko is currently sporting a 31 wRC+, 2nd lowest on the team.

Jedd Gyorko’s wife gave birth to premature twin boys a week ago.

Will Venable has a 44 wRC+.

Carlos Quentin has yet to appear in a game this season.

The Padres best position player so far this season, by wRC+, is Cameron Maybin at 162. Cameron Maybin has 25 plate appearances.

The Padres 2nd best position player so far this season, by wRC+, is Nick Hundley at 138. The Padres have been actively attempting to trade Nick Hundley.

The Padres have carried 3 catchers on the active roster for all 5 weeks of the season.

The Padres have not had less than $25 million in payroll on the disabled list at any point during those 5 weeks.

The Padres currently have over $30 million in payroll on the disabled list.

The Padres, through 16 home games, have an average attendance of just shy of 30,000 per game.

In 2013, the Padres had an average attendance of just over 26,000 per game.

All of these statements were facts, unless I screwed something up along the way. Some of these facts were more relevant than others. Do with them as you please.

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