A Super-Hot 2016 All-Star Game Logo Take

This morning, the Padres interrupted a lengthy presentation by Padres chairman Ron Fowler, San Diego Mayor/Boltman booking agent Kevin Faulconer, and Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred to unveil the official logo for the 2016 MLB All-Star Game. After rumors had swirled for the better part of the last year or so that the Padres were looking at making the 11th major uniform change in franchise history, many keyed in on this moment as the one to reveal which direction that change may head. Many (including myself) were hoping for a return to the team’s brown roots.

The logo as it was presented in the presentation video on Padres.com

The logo as it was presented in the presentation video on Padres.com


Well, that’s definitely not brown.

Let’s talk about the logo before we dive into the colors. There are some palm trees at the top, and an arch. The arch is intended to represent the Gaslamp Quarter arch, blended with the steel architecture of Petco Park. The grey in the logo is “battleship grey”, intended to pay homage to San Diego’s history as a Navy town. I think they’re stretching  a bit with both of those explanations, and if you have to explain everything to get your point across…then you’re not really getting your point across with the logo. There are the palm trees, though. Those will be tied to San Diego in perpetuity. Overall, I think it’s fine. It’s just fine. It doesn’t grab me by the shoulders, shake me, and scream “ARE YOU READY TO FUCKING ROCK, BRO!?”, but it’s fine. I guess.

No brown, though? Ah, man. Yeah, that’s a huge bummer. The Padres had the opportunity for a major win here and get back to their roots. Instead, they did exactly the opposite; they introduced a color scheme the team has never used at any point in their MLB or PCL history. Is that necessarily a bad thing? Maybe not.

Please put away the pitchforks. I’m still firmly in the #BringBackTheBrown camp.

If the Padres were intent on keeping blue (and that certainly seems to be the case), they could do a lot worse than adding yellow to the color scheme. Yellow was around on day one, right there with brown, hand in hand. Blue and yellow is a color scheme firmly ingrained in San Diego sports culture, with the Chargers (oof. Timing.) and Sockers. It’s also a scheme that hasn’t been used as a regular look in MLB since the Mariners and Brewers shed the Seattle Pilots colors for something completely different in 1993 and 1995, respectively. Both teams do have Sunday home uniforms in those colors, however.

You can throw the Rays in, but their use of yellow is minimal. Besides, they totally stole our uniforms first.

The biggest issue with the Padres uniforms/logos since 2004 isn’t that they aren’t brown, but that they’re BORING. They exist, and that’s about it. That issue was exacerbated by the monochrome change in 2012. While I think the Padres should have gone back to brown first and foremost, I’m open to a GREAT blue look. We don’t know if we’re going to get that, but I feel like the colors as introduced today aren’t a bad first step. I like the idea, even.

Oh, and there’s this:

My guess? We’re going to see something similar to the aforementioned Mariners/Brewers situation and see either the new look in brown/yellow or a throwback in regular rotation. If it means they’re still kicking around the idea of brown for the main look? Yeah, brown. Go brown. You really should. Probably not, though.

If you want to see more of the All-Star Game logo, alternate versions, etc, you can do so at SportsLogos.net.

Stupid late edit: You’ll also notice the font in the ASG logo is the same used in the bowtie and the current road uniform. I would take that to mean that’s not going anywhere. And that’s fine with me.


The Vocal Minority posts? Sure. Sometimes. If there are any typos, errors, or thoughts where I trailed off, blame the 3-year-old climbing on me while I write this. Did I make it clear I like the blue/yellow scheme but much prefer they bring back brown?  Don’t hit me.

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