The Bar: Thanksgiving Edition

This is where we gather from time to time to talk about something big in the Padres world or just the Padres or just baseball. It’s a roundtable discussion. Except, you know, no round tables. This is a Public House . . . so we’re at the bar.


It’s the time of year where we give thanks for all that has happened in our lives. We here at Padres Public are no different and we thought we’d share with you.

Because we’re thankful for the fact you all are reading our crap on a regular basis.

What are you thankful for?

RJ’s Fro

I’m thankful for Tony Gwynn, Trevor Hoffman & Randy Jones, 3 great dudes on and off the field. And for getting to listen to the Colonel Jerry Coleman.

Ghost of Ray Kroc

I’m thankful that Edinson Volquez is finally another team’s problem.

Avenging Jack Murphy

I’m thankful that Austin Hedges has given no indication that he enjoys synthetic marijuana. Also, that he doesn’t ride ATVs.

RJ’s Fro

I’m thankful for the rare brown uniforms and bobbleheads, two things that I don’t get enough of in San Diego.

Left Coast Bias

I’m thankful for Andrew Cashner in all of his Cashner-ness.


I’m thankful for the 80 craft breweries & counting in San Diego County.


I’m thankful that Sculpin is available at the ballpark.


I’m also thankful for Ballast Point at Petco. I’m thankful for Mexican food. Breakfast makes me pretty thankful too.

Vocal Minority Nate

I’m thankful that Chase Headley is still a Padre, for now. That’s it. It’s snowing and I’m not feeling very thankful.


I’m thankful I don’t know what snow is. Or what “seasons” are actually.


I’m thankful for Gyorko-ing it in San Diego.


I’m thankful for Josh Byrnes finally taking a sip of Josh Johnson-flavored iced coffee.

Vocal Minority David

I’m thankful that I’m creeped out by the phrase “Josh Johnson-flavored iced coffee.”


Now that you mention it, I’m thankful that I added the word “Josh” to “Johnson-flavored iced coffee.”


I’m thankful for a healthy Cameron Maybin (thanks forthcoming…I hope)


I’m thankful for all the fellow Padres fans, we help get each other through the tough times.


I’m thankful for Hacksaw’s/Matt Calkin’s/Nick Canepa’s column(s) in the UT. [Thankfulness subject to change]


I’m thankful for all the Padres Public guys for going along with my wacky idea and creating all this great content this year.


Aw…That’s so sweet. You’re buying.


I asked on Twitter for our readers to tell us what they’re thankful for, and we received some good submissions. As you can probably tell, most of them were from Pointer Dave.

I think he needs help.

This, on the other hand, qualifies as the worst one:

Way to bring down the room, Chris Maples. Here’s a mop. Make sure you clean those bathroom really good. RJ’s Fro is still on a cleansing diet.

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