The Bar: Everth Cabrera’s Hamstring

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Everth Cabrera has been fantastic this year but with his hamstring strained how do the Padres fill the void moving forward? Can they play .500 baseball if he’s out for an extended period?

RJ’s Fro (Rick)

Clearly they remove the hammy. It worked for him with the hamate bone so why not this?

Avenging Jack Murphy

Should they be preemptive and remove both hammies?


Might as well. Plus all the other body parts that start with “ham”.


I’m not familiar with anatomy. What else could team doctor’s remove?


As someone who is appendix-less, I know those aren’t necessary. Shout out to my brother Tim Stauffer!

Padres Trail

You can get by without a gall bladder. And only one kidney, from what I’m told. Removing those might gain Cabrera an extra step.

Who plays SS is complicated by Gyorko being hurt. I’d say Forsythe at short, Amarista or Ciriaco at second for now. Quentin on the DL makes the OF Blanks in LF, then Venable and Norf playing either CF or RF. Of course, that means Kotsay/Guzman at first until Alonso gets back.

Oh boy. At least Amarista’s out of CF for a while, right?

Left Coast Bias

I’m trying some reverse voodoo to see if we can keep Crabby from the DL. Perhaps remove a baby toe as a sacrifice? I’m new to the voodoo game.

Failing that I think its Forsythe and Amarista at SS and 2b. I’d rather see Decker or someone else brought back up to man LF and keep Blanks at 1st until Alonso is back. Anyone have an idea as to the timetable on Alonso and Gyorko? Because Blanks in LF, Forsythe at SS and Gyorko at 2nd is a pretty decent lineup.

As for staying .500, in the short term they should be alright. They have LA and Miami coming up. If it extends into July? I don’t know. Rush Spangenberg up here?

Ghost of Ray Kroc

What’s all this about ham? You’d be crabby too if you had a ham removed from your body…


I imagine we’ll see a platoon of Forsythe and the new guy, Ciriaco? Sriracha? But I guess it would be mostly Forsythe as they figured he could man the position prior to Cabby’s breakout.

I’m not sure about Alonso’s return but I don’t think that Gyorko is too far off. Gyork’s DL date was retroactive to 6/10 so . . . eww . . . that isn’t very close. I guess we get a week of Forsythe and Amarista/ Ciriaco.

I think they can hover around .500 with Cabby (I feel like Bud Black) out of the line-up but that offense might really suffer with him on the DL. At least we’ll get to see Will Venable batting lead-off. Amirite?

Vocal Minority (Nate)

I don’t eat ham or crab. Is that weird? I ate imitation crab once.

It’s kind of strange that the Padres acquired SS depth, then all of the sudden Everth gets hurt. Don’t tell anyone, but I think it might be a conspiracy.

(Go ahead and tell everyone)

One of the big reasons for the Padres success this season is that when one player goes down or falls off, someone steps in or steps up. Denorfia carried the team to start, then Headley did, and the whole time Everth has been there creating run scoring opportunities. If Everth goes out, someone else needs to step up. Now would be a good time for Chase to step it up. Or Grandal. Or Norf could go streaking again. If losing Everth is the straw that breaks the camels back, it was all a mirage to begin with. Check out me with the matching metaphors.

Son of a Duck

I still can’t believe they got rid of Cody Ransom. How do you not anticipate this exact scenario unfolding and Ransom blossoming at age 37 after years of mediocrity? Get a better crystal ball.

Sorry, sarcasm is all I have.


If I’ve said it once I’ve said it 1000 times (note: I’ve never said this) but you get what you pay for with off-brand crystal balls.

Offensively I agree. Now is the time for someone to step up. I’m looking at you Chase Headley. I don’t think this current slump can possibly last much longer. He’s too good a player not to get it together. I have no idea if Headley’s 2012 2nd half was realistic, but his 1st half of 2012 was pretty decent (less the power numbers). Grandal is a tougher situation. Who knows if what we saw from Grandal was genuine? Who knows if this is more reality? I don’t think that’s the case, as I would think 50 games missed will cause anyone to be cold at first.

Then again, this plan only works if these guys do start to get hot and stay that way while Cabrera rehabs. That he wasn’t put on the DL today (Monday) is encouraging. But then again, Alonso wasn’t put on the DL right away either.


What do you think? Pull up a stool . . .

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