The Bar: Cardinals, Dodgers, and Painful Rooting Decisions

This is where we gather from time to time to talk about something big in the Padres world or just the Padres or just baseball. It’s a roundtable discussion. Except, you know, no round tables. This is a Public House . . . so we’re at the bar.


When the NLCS contestants were decided a couple of days ago our buddy BP tweeted the following:

This is an interesting quandary for Padres fans. On the one hand you’ve got the guys from the middle of the country who always seem to knock the Padres out of the playoffs and on the other hand you’ve got the jerks from up the street. So I proposed the following question to my Padres Public mates:

If you were forced to go out and purchase a Dodgers or Cardinals hat to wear for the next week which one would you buy and why? In short, who are you pulling for, if anyone at all?

Let’s settle this nonsense at the Bar . . .

Ghost of Ray Kroc

Well, I guess if I had to — and those were my only two choices — I’d get a Cardinals hat. Because 1) there is no way I would ever be caught dead (Pun intended) wearing Dodgers gear. Ever. Never. And 2) the Cardinals are the least douchebag-iest (patent pending) team left.

Like Geoff Coast Bias (patent pending) tweeted yesterday:

If I have to pick someone to root for, it’s probably going to be the Red Sox, because Jake Peavy.

Left Coast Bias

It’s the Cardinals. Without a doubt. There is probably not another professional sports franchise I despise more than the Dodgers. And that’s only been amped up 10 fold since they became the Yankees of the West. I can’t justify rooting for the Dodgers under any circumstance.

Even when they’re playing the Cardinals. Who I hate.

Go AL.

Padres Trail


Avenging Jack Murphy

Never, under any circumstance, would I purchase something that inferred my support for the city of Los Angeles. It would never happen for one simple reason: San Diego is my home.

Forced to purchase something in support of one of those two teams I’m going with the Cardinals all the way. The Padres have had their seasons ended in ’96, ’05, and ’06 at the hands of St. Louis yet I don’t feel any real antipathy toward the Cardinals. The best conversations I’ve ever had with opposing fans while at Petco have occurred with those who were visiting from the mid-west. The history is one-sided yet somehow I can live with St. Louis as they appear to be, pardon the cliche, an organization that does things the right way.

But here’s the real reason I’m rooting against the Dodgers (more so than rooting for the Cardinals) and why you should follow suit: If the Dodgers win the World Series, Petco Park will be the most unbearable place on Earth next season. The fans from LA, and worse, the ones from SD who claim Los Angeles, will amp-up their rude behavior in our home park. They will puff out their chest even more (is that possible?) and proclaim Petco Park as “their house” before they bump into you, spill your beer, and then ask, “you got a problem, bro?”

No fucking thanks.


That’s the nail on the head. Dodgers fans are unbearable typically. Dodgers fans fresh off a World Series? I can’t imagine. Gross.

I suppose its not that I hate St. Louis. The fans I’ve interacted with have been great actually. I’m just sick of them.


I didn’t even think of this, AJM. I only made it out to a handful of games this season. And, if the Dodgers win, I’ll may not make it out to any next season, just because the Dodgers “fans” will become the new dickhats.

And I hate dickhats.

Vocal Minority (Nate)

I’m definitely on the side of the Cardinals. They may not be fun to root for because of their fans and media, and I hate that they beat up on the Padres, but they are such a well-run franchise that given their opponent, it’s an easy choice.

They’re the perfect blend of spending (but not over-spending), making smart trades, and developing their own players. It’s really amazing just how smart they are. I’d say that someone should write a book about it, but that would just be more fodder for The Cardinal Way and Baseball’s Best Fans.

If you haven’t passed out yet, pull up a stool and let’s shoot the shit…

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