The Bar: 2013 Year In Review – Biggest Disappointment

This is where we gather from time to time to talk about something big in the Padres world or just the Padres or just baseball. It’s a roundtable discussion. Except, you know, no round tables. This is a Public House . . . so we’re at the bar.


It’s time for all of us here at Padres Public to sit back and reflect on the season that was in the only way we truly know how.

Drinking bears and answering the question:

What was your biggest disappointment of the 2013 Padres season?

Avenging Jack Murphy

Personally, I’m pissed that I never got to try the pork belly nachos. Huge disappointment.

RJ’s Fro (Rick)

I was going to say Cameron Maybin‘s delicate wrist as my biggest disappointment but I’d like to now change it to you not trying the Porkbelly Nachos. That’s a complete shame.

Padres Trail

Mark Kotsay‘s Tacos. Not even close.


Avenging Jack Murphy

What is your primary gripe about the Kotsay Tacos? Because I never had those either…

Padres Trail

I didn’t either. Comment was based on what I read on Twitter after they were introduced. Seemed they were universally reviled.

Ghost of Ray Kroc

I never tried either the pork belly nachos (the only chance I had was Opening Day, and they didn’t have them yet) nor the Kotsay Tacos. And now I’m hungry.

[looks at clock]

Dammit! 11:45pm? Figures. The kitchen is closed. Oh, well…

I was disappointed in the continuing rash of elbow reconstruction surgeries needed by Padres pitchers.

Vocal Minority Nate

I’m disappointed by Alexi Amarista and Bud Black‘s insistence on playing him in center field.

I’m disappointed that it took the team months to realize that a rotation that included Edinson Volquez, Clayton Richard, and Jason Marquis wasn’t a playoff caliber starting rotation.

I’m disappointed Kyle Blanks didn’t take advantage of his opportunity.

I’m perpetually disappointed in Time Warner Cable.

Finally, I’m disappointed that I wasn’t able to get to San Diego at all this year for a game or a meet up, and I hope to remedy that in 2014.

Ghost of Ray Kroc

Clayton Richard continues to cause my forehead to make violent contact with the wall repeatedly. I want to believe he can be a quality pitcher, but every year he seems to get further and further away from that possibility.

Son of a Duck

Injuries in general. Not that this was the most talent-laden team to begin with, but when your projected lineup and rotation can’t even play, it’s hard to compete.

Also, I tried the pork belly nachos. They were a disappointment.

That reminds me, if you ever need to kill time at Honolulu International Airport, check out the exhibit on baseball pioneer Wally Yonamine before heading to Kona Brewing Co. for some kalua pork nachos; they go great with Pipeline Porter and will help you get over any disappointments.

Avenging Jack Murphy

I look forward to my next trip to Oahu. Thanks for the suggestions, Geoff.

Left Coast Bias

Wait…you never had the pork belly nachos? You know what you’re going to have to do Opening Day. They were…well, they were divine.

Vocal Minority David

Injuries are the biggest disappointment, for all of the reasons stated already.

Also, the Padres’ constant mediocrity is wearing me down. I feel like mediocre is worse than awful in American professional sports. At least there’s a “reward” for being awful.

The pork belly nachos were awesome when we had them. I’m disappointed that you guys missed out on them and that Geoff disagrees.

Sacrifice Bunt Melvin

I mentioned this last week, but the continued injuries to Cameron Maybin and Cory Luebke were big disappointments to me. These are the kinds of players you can legitimately dream about (pun intended). Which, combined with their uncertain futures, means you have to temper your expectations.

Ghost of Ray Kroc

It’s like dreaming of becoming President of Earth, but settling for assistant manager of the convenience store in Dateland, AZ.

Left Coast Bias

The injuries are certainly disappointing. You’d like to think that a team that suffered so many two years ago couldn’t possibly have that kind of bad luck again. Yet, there they were.

But for biggest disappointment I’m going with a self-inflicted wound. Cabrera’s suspension sucked the wind out of the sails of whatever the Padres hopes were in 2013. Crazy to think that Cabrera became such an important cog but losing him, and the distraction of those suspensions leading up to losing ECab were the disappointing thing that happened. Injuries happen. Unfortunate. But they do. Cabrera’s issue was avoidable.

Avenging Jack Murphy

Yeah, losing Cabby was terrible. To see his growth and then watch it all come undone was a real disappointment.

RJ’s Fro

The question must be brought up: How many times can injuries be related to “bad luck” before you have to start looking at how the team is handling things? I feel like “injuries”/”bad luck” is a yearly occurrence here in San Diego.

Avenging Jack Murphy

Are you questioning the medical staff or the player development staff and general philosophy?

RJ’s Fro

I think all of the above needs to be questioned when it happens so frequently. It can only be a coincidence so many times.

Avenging Jack Murphy

I agree with you, Rick. But I also think we need to take into consideration how valuable a live chicken would be for the purposes of righting this cursed ship.

Left Coast Bias

I’d be curious to see if injuries disproportionately affect the Padres more than other teams. A cursory Google search reveals the Padres on the high end of injuries but far from a disproportionate level though I didn’t research it much. With Tommy John injuries in pitchers it is often thought that it’s not a matter of if but when. That certainly doesn’t explain Rymer Liriano. Yasmani Grandal‘s was a fluky injury as well.

Where there becomes concern to what Rick is mentioning is in the handling of Maybin and Alonso, I think. Those injuries have lingered much longer than they should have.

Son of a Duck

New training regimen: Pilates and pork belly nachos.

Avenging Jack Murphy

Pork belly nachos seem like an apropos segue to my real disappointment of 2013: Yonder Alonso.

Despite carrying the requisite beef of a power hitter and champion nosher the guy can’t drive a ball to save his life. He seems like a great dude and I empathize with the injury issues he suffered through this year but even if healthy I don’t think he has what it takes to stick at a corner infield spot. At shortstop? Maybe.

Injuries seem to be a common theme for disappointments so I want to go back to the rash of Tommy John surgeries. Liriano’s elbow injury over the winter killed me. I thought for sure that he would continue along his developmental path and arrive in San Diego ready to fill a corner outfield spot. Now, who knows? He’s a year behind now – do we see him at the end of 2015 with a chance to win a starting job coming out of spring training in 2016?

Joey Ramone once sang, I Believe in Miracles. This is but one way in which I am unlike the Ramones’ front man.


What disappointed you the most during the 2013 Padres season? Hit us over the head with it in the comments.

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  • Drew Tweedie

    Headley not getting extended. Even if it was semi-prudent and semi-correct in hindsight, it’s really gonna hurt the franchise if they just sit on Headley until the trade deadline, or worse, let him walk with a QO.

    Mikolas and Boxberger hitting the wall developmentally two years in a row (Vincent has been sublime at least).

    I know injuries forced their hand, and who knows how else he would’ve developed, but I thought it was short-sighted of the Padres to bring up Gyorko before the Super-Two cutoff. I’ll forgive ’em if there’s an extension in the works.

    Unfortunately, injuries seem to be a combo of shit luck and mechanics (Grandal’s injury comes to mind). Gotta work on the latter and hope against the former.

  • ballybunion

    A word in defense of Alonso: It was his second full year in the majors, and he was hitting at a pretty good clip the first two months, six homers, adding up to an 18 HR rate, when he broke his hand, and that turned season two into the sophomore jinx. He’s still a potential .300 hitter who can drive in runs as well as a 20 homer .260 hitter.

    A word in defense of the medical staff, NOT. Alonso’s injury was considered a bruise and treated as such until it didn’t respond to treatment. Only then did the x-ray detect a fracture. The same thing happened to kill the Padres in 2010, when Jerry Hairston’s “shin splints” turned into a fracture after it was revealed by x-rays. Jerry turned down a Padres offer and signed elsewhere for less money. Coincidence?

    The Padres switched trainers since the Hairston incident, but jeez, do x-rays cost so much the training/medical staff won’t use it until minor treatment doesn’t work? The TJ surgeries were done by Dr. Lewis Yocum before he died of liver cncer, and there are complications cropping up. I have to believe the Padres medical/training operation needs a thorough review, particularly in the initial assessment of injuries by the trainers.

  • DaveRiceSD

    This is the first season since I was two years old (I’m 31 as of this posting) that I didn’t take in a single live game. I had actually planned one into an out-of-town trip to San Francisco, but that didn’t materialize. So my biggest disappointment this year is in myself.

  • pat

    And that’s why GY is the man. In a post of disappointment, he gives us a great meal and a great brew for the next time we’re waiting for a plane in Honolulu!