Exercise Josh Johnson‘s 2015 option? Exercise it now when there’s news that he’s on his way to see Dr. James Andrews, likely putting an end to his 2014 season?

Before you dismiss this suggestion as the ravings of a lunatic (and it is lunacy for no other reason than options don’t get picked up until the season ends and performance thresholds are met or missed), resist for but a moment. It was just the other night that I jokingly offered the following:

This was a joke without a punchline. Here’s the punchline . . .

There it is! A Caddy Shack reference! Yes! No? Sorry.

I was not serious in any way. Instead, I chose to use twitter for its intended purpose:  To be a facetious jerkface.

But I’ve been thinking about this and if you’ll indulge me I would like to make a case for keeping Josh Johnson around in 2015.

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