In our Padres Public 2013 season review, I expressed my disappointment with the pork belly nachos served at Petco Park. Rather than just complain, as is my custom, I decided to make better nachos. Actually, Mrs. Ducksnorts made them because she is awesome. I ate them because I was hungry.

Some of the best nachos I’ve had are at Honolulu International Airport. Made with kalua pork, they’re available at Kona Brewing Co., near the exhibit honoring baseball pioneer Wally Yonamine.

If you can’t go there, or you just want to be reminded of how it feels to wait four hours for your connecting flight, make a big batch at home. You’ll thank me later.

The following is a full scouting report of said nachos. I’ve shamelessly stolen Jason Parks’ template for evaluating baseball prospects and applied to it food. As a scout, I make an excellent eater. Read More…