I’ve been team “Bring Back the Brown” ever since I first saw the Padres selling retro hats in the team store back in 1999ish. I bought a ’69, ’71 & ’84 one and proceeded to wear the crap out of every single one of those. Granted, I still loved the retro stuff before that, it’s just that’s when my overwhelming love truly took off. So when Jordan and Tony started up the campaign I was all on board with it and did whatever I could to help spread the word.

Fast forward to 2015. Hacksaw posted this comment yesterday morning.

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In case you weren’t paying attention…

Always enjoy responsibly.  Don’t read and drive.

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This past weekend, I came across a 1985 Padres Spring Training program at an estate sale. Anytime I see a program, magazine, newspaper or whatever of the Padres, I scoop it up immediately and add it to my collection. I love reading through these things because first of all, the ads are always fantastic (ly horrible?) and second it’s fascinating to see what was being said about the team at that particular time. Notable in this program is an article about the new uniforms for the 1985 season.

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To go along with the new hat, Majestic has made some tweaks to the Spring Training-Batting Practice Jerseys too!  The Padres are one of 5 teams that will have a different jersey for home and away games (Red Sox, Reds, Twins, Yankees).  The Brewers will also have an alternate jersey for special games.  The improvements, and I do believe they are improvements, are small in nature and help with the overall design, especially with the new hats.

They added piping along the collar and sleeves in our secondary sand color and gray, respectively.  The Padres font is smaller on the front.  On the old away uniforms, there was a gray stripe which is now replaced with a smaller gray section under the armpit.  This section is now placed on the home jersey in the sand color as well.  I like how there is some consistency now and seeing the jerseys up close at FanFest, they look extremely comfortable.   The Padres should be looking sharp this spring!


For the 2013 season, New Era released a whole new line of Spring Training/Batting Practice hats.  Some were awesome, others not so much.  The Padres fell into the category of worst hat ever.  It was two-tone with the navy blue on the front and white on the back.  Really?  White on the back?  Early on in Spring Training, I was wondering why none of the photos showed the players wearing the new hats.  It’s because they despised them.   I gave it the benefit of the doubt, as I tend to do here in Padres Public as the minority “blue” supporter, but once I saw it in person and on the players, I agreed with the masses that the hat was terrible.

Fast forward to 2014.  I am pleasantly surprised that they made a change!   The two tone is still there, but reversed with white on front and blue on back.  This is much more appealing to the eyes.   This same two-tone, white front design is shared by a number of other teams too and definitely works.  I think this hat will now go better with our Spring Training-BP jerseys.  Thank you for making the change Padres, I will now buy and wear this hat proudly.

Padres Hat

***UPDATE*** According to SportsLogos.net, this hat is intended to be an “alternate batting practice cap”.  I hope the Padres decide to ditch the 2013 model altogether and go with the new one.

Tom GarfinkelI wasn’t sure what to think when I first heard in April of 2009 that new owner Jeff Moorad was bringing Tom Garfinkel from Arizona as the Padres new Chief Operations Officer. This was probably because I have no idea who the Padres’ previous COO even was, though turns out it was former CEO Dick Freeman. Nor did I have much of an idea what he did. What stood out most about Garfinkel at the time was having his own baseball card.

Tom’s Story Begins in Breakfastown

It didn’t take long for Garfinkel to make waves, catching the eye of jbox from Gaslamp Ball by making declarative statements about a city in which Garfinkel had only been employed for a few months.

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San Diego Padres Logo

A couple follow-up points to this archival post on jerseys (written in the present, if that isn’t clear).


The team is doing its best work focusing on the SD logo, which is part of former President / CEO / COO Tom Garfinkel’s legacy . It’s the only semi-consistent design element in the team’s history, and the tweaking they did in 2004 made it unique and really improved the typography.

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This post was originally published November 15th, 2011, shortly following the Padres announcement of their most recent jersey redesign. It’s reproduced here, unedited, made relevant after the discussion surrounding new Padres President/CEO Mike Dee’s proclamation that the team would not be incorporating the color brown into their look and ESPN/Paul Lukas ranking the Padres jerseys dead last for the second year in a row.


Padres jerseys mariners jerseys

Ray: Yesterday, after months of rumors and speculation, the Padres unveiled their new uniforms for the 2012 season and while no drastic changes were made, Jeff Moorad and Tom Garfinkel did give the uniform collectors out there something to put on their Christmas list. The biggest change is the piping featured on all of the jerseys, which is meant to emulate the design of the PCL-era set. Other changes include the evening out of the road script (goodbye bow tie) and a new alternate jersey which features the interlocking SD on the chest.

The whole look is incredibly underwhelming, which seems to be what the Padres are going for under Moorad and Garfinkel, but before I go any further, what do you think, Mel?

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I had a chat recently with Jordan Stark, one of the minds behind the Bring Back the Brown campaign. I first met Jordan at Friar Fest 2011. RJ’s Fro, Friarhood, Ghost of Ray Kroc, a few others and I were hanging out when up walks a dude handing out flyers that with “Bring Back the Brown” printed. At the time I wasn’t sure how much success a flyer would have in that regard, but I dug the sentiment. Thanks in part to our shared love of the Padres and fashion, Jordan and I became friends. I soon learned more about his cool ideas, so I asked him to share some of them with us.

I chatted with Jordan about his thoughts on what Bring Back the Brown is about, how he sees it happening, his involvement in Padres promotions, and a great brown promotional item being given away on this Friday, May 17th.

We’re also giving away a FREE pair of limited edition Bring Back the Brown Knockaround sunglasses, vol. 2. To enter, post a photo of yourself wearing brown Padres gear on Facebook or Twitter. Be sure to tag Padres Public or mention Padres Public so we see you, and use the hashtag #BringBackTheBrown. We’ll pick a winner and send them a pair of shades.

Bring Back the Brown Sunglasses

Melvin: Jordan Stark, welcome to the Danger Zone. In a few sentences what is the Bring Back the Brown project and why did you start it?

Jordan: 1. It’s our way of maintaining a relationship with our hometown baseball club.

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