This October will have special meaning—it will mark 10 full years of The Sacrifice Bunt. To help celebrate the occasion, Dustin and I are teaming up with co-founder Ray to try something new: a Padres franchise draft.

What is the draft? We’re imagining what would happen if we each created our own new team from players only in the Padres organization. As is usually the case when talking about players, their contract matters for both length and dollar amount. So if you draft Wil Myers you have to pay him the ~$66 million owed over the next five years. It’s basically our best guess at everyone’s relative trade value, except we disguised it as a draft instead of just a straight ranking.

Here’s how our draft shook out, followed by comments from each manager:

Dustin: Fernando Tatis Jr

What a shocker, huh? Tatis probably has the best shot of becoming a true superstar of anyone in the organization, and every small-market team wants a homegrown superstar to build around. Maybe he doesn’t stick at short forever and maybe he chases a few too many breaking balls, but there’s a lot to work with here. With a good first half in 2018, Tatis should be a consensus top five prospect in all of baseball. And he’s all mine.

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Yesterday I wrote about the perceived trade value of three pitchers the Padres have already traded. Let’s just say it didn’t lock up the Padres Public servers. So, today, I thought I’d take a more conventional approach and discuss the relative trade value of the players still on the Padres roster.

I put everybody into made-up tiers.

Tier 1 is for primo guys. Andrew Miller‘s a tier 1 guy. Brad Hand isn’t, at least not unless he grows out the beard, steals some of Miller’s mojo, and hires Jeff Sullivan as his agent. In fact, the Padres don’t have any tier 1 players. (By the way, I didn’t consider young, unlikely-to-be-traded players like Manuel Margot in this exercise.)

Tier 2 is for good, solid trade chips. These are players that a bunch of teams are genuinely interested in, even if they lack some tier 1 mojo.

Tier 3 is for guys who aren’t good enough for tier 2. There’s some trade value here, but not a whole lot of it.

Tier 4 is for players who have little (or no) trade value.

Here we go.

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