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By: bp



So, just to be clear, Jeff Pearlman of SI writing for Esquire, wearing an ’84 Padres cap is the equivalent to working at a Taco Bell? The hell kinda thing is that to say? BP from Lobshots here, that’s an article from last summer, and I take issue with almost everything Pearlman said. Everything except the part about Tony Gwynn being a legend and the ’84 Padres hat being the best all-time. As fans, we are fully immersed in the era of the throwback. More now than ever, our jerseys, our hats, our everything is throwback. We happen to live in the best city in America, and our two professional sports teams just happen to have the best throwback gear, the Padres’ brown and mustard, and the Bolts’ powder blues. The hats you see above were a rarity at Padres games just a few years ago, and now, they’re everywhere… might as well learn a little bit about ’em.

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