Franchy Cordero is struggling.

His slash line has dipped to .230/.280/.414 after a hot start, his wRC+ to 82. Worse, he’s striking out like Adam Dunn swinging a broom stick in the second game of a double-header after an all-night kegger. As Patrick Brewer noted the other day, Cordero is K-ing at a 44.7 clip on the season, and that number is actually up recently. In eight games since June 18, he’s somehow whiffed 17 times in 24 plate appearances (that’s 70.8 percent) while recording no hits and no walks. Among 357 hitters with at least 90 PAs this season, Cordero has the third-worst contact rate at 59.7 percent. There’s small sample size randomness and then there’s whatever this is.

With Manuel Margot back, Cordero’s been pushed to the bench for now. It seems likely that, for the balance of the year, Cordero will either return to Triple-A to work on making more contact or get regular playing time in left/center with the big club. It makes little sense to use him as a bench piece in the majors now, especially on a team that doesn’t have to worry about trying to win games late with a defensive replacement and/or pinch runner. He needs playing time somewhere.

While Cordero’s first month in the majors has been full of ups (the early power) and downs (all the strikeouts), with a recent trend toward more downs, here’s one good thing that’s been constant: he’s fast.

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I don’t look at the 40-Man Roster nearly enough. There are all sorts of weird, interesting, and completely useless pieces of information we can glean from each one of those guys we call Padres.

Without giving the 40-Man Roster a thorough examination we would never know that 30% of the fellas call either California (Brad Boxberger, Robbie Erlin, Ian Kennedy, Tyson Ross, Dale Thayer, Nick Vincent, Tommy Medica, Carlos Quentin, Will Venable) or Texas (Burch Smith, Huston Street) the place of their birth.*

*Perhaps this is not information that you need but it helps substantiate claims that California and Texas are factories for the assembly of ball players.

The 40-Man will also reveal three men who, inexplicably, carry first names beginning with the letter Y (Yonder Alonso, Yasmani Grandal, Yeison Asencio).

Eric Stults is the oldest player and the only Padre born in the 70s (12/9/79) while Adys Portillo is the youngest (12/20/91), just a little less than a fortnight away from being born in 1992.*

*These are the other youngsters born in 1991: Keyvius Sampson, Reymond Fuentes, and Rymer Liriano

New acquisition Josh Johnson is the tallest at 6’7″ and Kyle Blanks is the heaviest at 265lbs. Johnson, at 250lbs, is tied with Yonder Alonso for the next heaviest guys on the team. When I think of Kyle Blanks and Josh Johnson I think of big powerful human beings whose girth is justified through the utility derived from their mass. Yonder Alonso? Not so much.

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