On Sunday, the Padres invited 40 or so fans who are active on social media to attend #SDSocialSummit, where we would get to chat with each other face to face and also ask questions of key decision makers. The team fed us and put us up in a suite in the Western Metal Building.

While the free food and seats are much appreciated, you should know that my price for loyalty is a lot higher than that. Yeah, I had to buy my own beer.

Anyway, I didn’t take notes and this isn’t exhaustive, but here are some highlights from the event.

BS Plaza

The Padres acknowledged their mistake in the way they communicated the creation of Bud Selig Plaza at Petco Park, but not the creation of BS Plaza itself. They later took us to the physical spot and showed us their plan for the space.

Not that I ever want to see Selig’s name on anything, but if they’d explained to the general public what they were actually doing, this wouldn’t have been such a big deal. As much as I wanted to be angry, after looking at the area, I was underwhelmed.

The idea of honoring former Padres players who are in the Hall of Fame representing other teams (Rollie Fingers, Gaylord Perry, Ozzie Smith, etc.) is noble. I’m glad they’ll be moving the plaques from their current inaccessible location under the batter’s eye to somewhere fans can enjoy them.

I’m less thrilled about having Selig’s name attached to the area. Symbolically it sucks. Then again, we’re free to call it BS Plaza while remembering a bit of Padres history.

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Monday, television cameras caught a San Francisco Giants fan sitting near the 1st base dugout who had a homemade sign expressing her Giants fandom.

There was just one problem…

Inspired by this image, I’m going to tell you a story about how I inadvertently came across a meme on not just one social network but two and how it’s beginning to take on a life of its own.

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Social Media. Sometimes we love it. Sometimes we hate it. But one thing is for certain, it definitely isn’t going away any time soon and, if used correctly, could be an excellent marketing tool to help promote your business.

It’s actually the perfect tool for Major League baseball teams. It’s free to access, the potential audience is growing by the day and with all the different platforms, the options are endless.

In seasons past, I have been less than impressed with what the Padres have produced. A Twitter account and Facebook page that had little to no interaction with the fans, a Vine account that had 6 videos for the entire year of 2013, but a pretty solid Instagram feed. You can’t fault the people running the accounts back then, because it wasn’t in their job description. That all changed this off-season when the team brought in Jesse Agler (which you heard here first).

Before we dig in too deep, let’s take a look at what Jesse walked into.

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Padres Public in deep thought. Probably about something important and not beer related.

Padres Public (Rick, Geoff, Mel) in deep thought. Probably about something important and not at all beer related.

The Padres returned home last Thursday to begin their longest homestand of the season with four games vs the New York Mets. It was also the first of what may be many Padres Bloggers Night being put on by the Padres. Three of us were able to attend and were joined by members of Gaslamp Ball and the Friarhood.

Per our instructions we were to be at Petco at 3:45 SHARP. Awkward handshakes were exchanged as only people who write on the internet can do. Passes were handed out lest anyone think some random group of seven dudes just showed up for batting practice and suddenly we were off. We were taken to the field just in time to see Kyle Blanks crush 65 MPH BP fastballs into the Western Metal Building. Quickly we were corralled while we waited for Bud Black to finish up with the local media.

Then, after watching some more BP and baking a bit in the sun, Bud Black walked over, gave us the ole “How’s it goin’ boys?” and we were off. So, thoughts/takeaways from Buddy?

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