After being critical of the previous off-season, where absolutely nothing was done to improve the team, I set out to put my money where my mouth was and gather a stellar lineup of free agent…..bloggers. Padres Public was born. It appears that it was a pretty successful year too. So what does Padres Public do during the 2014 off-season? Stand pat and “bide our time”? Nay. We go out and make two new additions to the blogging team, adding Oscar (@haha1721) to Avenging Jack Murphy and now Josh (@SanDiegoJosh) to RJ’s Fro. We are excited to have them both join us for the 2014 season….


Hey folks,

I’m supposed to introduce myself.  I’m Josh, I’m married, 2 kids, a baseball addict.

Two baseball memories stand out in my life:

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