stormLooking for something to do to satisfy your baseball urges? Don’t feel like traveling to Peoria, AZ for Padres Spring Training? Want to take batting practice on the field? Like drinking beer? Or eating bratwurst?

Well, I’ve got the perfect event for you guys to attend this Sunday, and it’s all free. Well, free to attend. You’ll have to pay for the beer and bratwurst. Hey, at least I’m honest.

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Tom GarfinkelI wasn’t sure what to think when I first heard in April of 2009 that new owner Jeff Moorad was bringing Tom Garfinkel from Arizona as the Padres new Chief Operations Officer. This was probably because I have no idea who the Padres’ previous COO even was, though turns out it was former CEO Dick Freeman. Nor did I have much of an idea what he did. What stood out most about Garfinkel at the time was having his own baseball card.

Tom’s Story Begins in Breakfastown

It didn’t take long for Garfinkel to make waves, catching the eye of jbox from Gaslamp Ball by making declarative statements about a city in which Garfinkel had only been employed for a few months.

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Most weeks, you’ll find my stuff on Wednesday. This week the start of the Padres season, in combination with pure, unadulterated laziness, caused it to be moved to Thursday.

Not that anyone is reading this garbage.


I was going to title this “The Padres Are Blowing It: Starting Off On the Wrong Foot.” But we’re trying to be more positive around here at Padres Public.


As if it isn’t bad enough to have to watch this Padres team live down to expectations, this was revealed yesterday:

Now, I understand what the Padres are doing. I really do. You have to squeeze as much cash out of ticket sales as you can. And the Yankees first visit to Petco definitely qualifies as a big deal.*

*To some people. I don’t care. I’m not going to any of those games.

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