On last week’s #SDLive* on Fox Sports San Diego, UFC fighter Phil Davis was presented with a Padres hat in Pittsburgh Pirates colors. Davis lives and trains here in San Diego, but was born and raised in Pittsburgh, so the Pirates are his team. Someone at FSSD got the bright idea to combine the two for him.


Phil Davis tries on his new San Diego Pirates hat.

*Don’t ask me why I was watching this show. I really don’t remember. I’m pretty sure I hadn’t had any beer that evening, so I wasn’t inebriated. Rest assured, I switched channels shortly after this hat showed up.

This segment (if you can call it that) did get me thinking:

What is the worst officially licensed San Diego Padres hat on the market today?

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After opening your Padres Christmas gifts, get your Padres fix.

In a stroke of genius to counter the annual “A Christmas Story” marathon on another network, Fox Sports San Diego just announced that they will be running marathons of a few of their original shows on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

A couple of the programs may be of interest to Padres fans.

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