Did you hear that Zack Greinke hit Carlos Quentin? He did.

Did you hear that Carlos Quentin hit Zack Greinke? That also happened.

Did you see the internet and sports writers overreact a little bit? Nah, that didn’t happen. Never does.

There was a lot of sanctimony, of which I wanted to participate. However, the Quentin/Greinke brawl has been done to death. No, let’s take aim on something a little less recent: the 1984 Padres/Braves brawl.

As he entered the field to warm up, Braves pitcher Pascual Perez warned Padres leadoff hitter Alan Wiggins that he was going to hit him. He did.



A heinous, premeditated act by Perez. If I were to combine my anger with an irrationally large, arbitrarily selected number of games…I would say Perez deserves to be suspended for about 26 days.

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