Except when it doesn’t.

So, Huston Street and Tyson Ross are your San Diego Padres 2014 All-Stars, although Ross will not play having started on Sunday.  Street was named to replace Ross on the active All-Star roster.


The Padres wanted us to write-in Seth Smith on our All-Star ballots this year. Because his name wasn’t on the ballot and everyone else sucked.

Last week, I explored possible replacements for Ross on the All-Star roster this year.  Seeing as how Smith was denied not chosen, that got me thinking:  When was the last time a position player from the Padres started an All-Star game?

The last time a position player actually started the All-Star Game was 1998 at Coors Field in Denver, when Tony Gwynn was voted in by the fans.  Andy Ashby, Kevin Brown, Trevor Hoffman, and Greg Vaughn joined Gwynn as All-Star reserves.

1998?  That long ago?  Have the Padres really sucked that bad?  Well, yes and no.  Part of the problem with having the fans vote is players that get national attention tend to get the most votes.  And the Padres have rarely gotten national attention since 1998.  Not for anything positive, that is.

Not saying that’s necessarily a bad thing, just that’s the way it is.

So, what happened between 1998 and today?  How many players have been All-Stars since?

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My esteemed colleague at Left Coast Bias has penned a thoughtful piece on the nature of baseball fandom in the Information Age. As someone who has been blogging about baseball since before the term “blogging” existed, I thought I’d provide an alternative perspective. Plus it’s a good excuse to introduce myself to those of you who might not know who I am.

If you’ve heard this story before, bear with me. I launched Ducksnorts in September 1997 to express my outrage over the Hideki Irabu situation. It later became a platform for me to voice opinions and present research (usually sabermetrically inclined, since that is my background), which was great because back then, such outlets were rare. Read More…