This year Petco Park celebrated it’s 10th anniversary, which you already knew. It a good time to talk about how old we all are, which you might have known but it will be brought to your attention every time someone mentions this was the 10th anniversary of Petco Park.

Inspired by jbox’s post from Opening Night 2004, published below for your viewing pleasure is a photo gallery from a trip to the ballpark with my parents and sister on June 20th of that year.

Baseball reference tells me Brian Lawrence of the Padres put together a nice outing, pitching 8 innings, striking out 6 with no walks, and allowing 2 runs.

Rod Beck was the opposite of that. He pitched two thirds of the 9th, continuing his crazy swing from living in the outfield of a minor league park in 2002, to dominating closer in 2003, then to not too good of a reliever in 2004. If only we knew about FIP at the time, as his 3.39 xFIP in 2003 indicated a somewhat hollow performance. Beck’s 5.35 xFIP the following year was, well still not great, but it was better than the 6.38 ERA made it seem.

I digress. Photos!


This is where we gather from time to time to talk about something big in the Padres world or just the Padres or just baseball. It’s a roundtable discussion. Except, you know, no round tables. This is a Public House…so we’re at the bar.

*All opinions are of those who are attributed to them. No opinion here should be construed to be that of the collective.

Padres Trail wrote an excellent post a couple of weeks ago regarding the most seminal Padres moment. His choice, a fine one, was Game 3 of the 1996 NLDS. If you haven’t read his post already, go check it out here.

This topic got a lot of us thinking “what are our seminal Padres moments?” It’s a somewhat complicated topic for a team with 0 World Series titles and only 2 appearances. But seminal doesn’t necessarily mean “great.” They are moments, for better or worse, that stay with you. An easy way to test what moments these would be for you? They are the first moments that come to mind when you think “Padres.”

Here, we’ve limited ourselves to picking 3 moments in total. Some good, some bad, all memorable.

So, presented for this week’s roundtable discussion, The Bar presents “Seminal Padres Moments.”

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