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From a chili patio in Peoria, Arizona at Zero Dark Thirty, the Mighty 1090’s Lee “Hacksaw” Hamilton discussed baseball with SB Nation’s Rob Neyer. With icicles dangling from his ample mustache, Hacksaw and Neyer talked about topics ranging from the Biogenesis clinic in south Florida to the Angels, Dodgers, and Padres.

On PEDs . . .

  • Neyer doesn’t thinkĀ  that everyone connected to the South Florida clinic is innocent. But not everyone is guilty either. There’s little context for what some of the guys purchased and for some there is nothing listed at all.
  • There are so many guys on the list that a lot of the guys will eventually be forgotten. If there aren’t big names ( e.g. Alex Rodriguez, Manny Ramirez, et al) they’ll be forgotten by the media and people won’t really care.
  • Biogenesis founder, Anthony Bosch, does not appear to be a stable person. And he’s the interesting story. He’s shady!

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