Well, they did it. Hooray.

The Padres broke the 76 win curse, winning more games this season than they did in any of the previous three seasons. Unfortunately, they only beat the previous two seasons by one win, finishing with a 77-85 record. Unfortunately-er, had they stuck to the 76 win streak, they would have had a protected first round pick in next year’s draft, as tying with the 76-86 Reds for the 10th worst record in baseball would have given the Padres the 11th and last protected pick in the draft.

Had they done that, they could have signed a free agent this off season who received a qualifying offer from their current team, and they wouldn’t have had to give up their first round pick to do so, surrendering their 2nd rounder instead. As the Padres also have a pick in between the first and second rounds in the 2015 draft due to the competitive balance lottery, losing a 2nd rounder wouldn’t have cost them much, as they’d still have two picks in the top 50.

Those who thought I was being a bad fan because I was rooting for the team to finish in the Bottom 10, how does that one extra win feel? Read More…

We finally get around to talking about our visit with new Padres President Mike Dee, talk a little playoff baseball from last night (yes, I said last night. Fastest editing job EVAR by Melvin!) and there’s some other stuff too. PODCAST!

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