Some of you may be wondering, “The Padres’ season is over. What the Hell are you going to do now, Ghost? In-depth analysis of Mighty Wings sales? The history of the McNugget?”

To be honest, I wondered the same thing. Quite frankly, I’d love to take a break. But for some reason you people keep coming back. And I don’t want to disappoint any more than I already have.

We have some interesting ideas for the offseason that Padres Public will be rolling out over the course of the next month or so, but I figured I’d start with one of mine right away.

Say hello to the first of many polls to choose the first ever McRib Awards.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I’ll be leaving it up to you, my loyal readers, to select the winners in each category. Then I’ll have one post to announce them all at once. Just like the Academy Awards, but completely different, because the winners get nothing. Nothing at all. Unless you count bragging rights. And who would really brag about this?

Instead of categories like “Best Starter” or “Team MVP,” which every blog, sports website, network, guy/gal on the street, and family pet out there already does, I’m going to throw out some unusual categories. This first one definitely qualifies:

We’re going to pick the best Padres meme of 2013.

The only rules:

  • It had to be a hashtag-able meme. So, Kelly Crull constantly getting drenched with Powerade after walk-off wins doesn’t count.
  • It had to have caught on since the end of the 2012 season. So you will not see #VedderCup#MowMyLawn, #dickhats, or #Dickisms among the nominees.
  • #PPLive was not eligible, obviously. That would be unfair to all the other nominees. Because it’s the greatest hashtag in the history of hashtags!

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Every team goes through a bad patch. It seems ours goes through more than most.  Not all losing streaks, or periods of mediocre play for that matter, are created equal.  For instance, there can be streaks where the team is losing, but its due to maddening circumstances.  A key error late in the game leads to a loss.  A normally reliable relief pitcher coughs up the lead.  The team gets to extra innings but loses a lot.  Signs that even though they are losing, they are competitive.

Then there are those other games.  You turn it off in the third because it’s already 7-1. Pitchers can’t find the strike zone.  The team is oh-for-72, seemingly, with runners in scoring position.  The team’s chances of overcoming a deficit are the same as finding a $100M lottery ticket in the street.  Fans are resigned to losing once the team falls behind by any amount.

Where does this streak fit?  Let’s take a look at their current 10-game losing streak, rating each game by a highly technical process and assigning grades of ‘never in it‘, ‘fought valiantly but lost‘, or ‘should have won‘.

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