Not everything that happens around baseball relates back to the Padres, but several happenings around the majors this week may have a potential impact on what happens to members of the Padres going forward, this year and beyond.  Today, I’ll focus of 3 different news pieces, specifically.

Ryan Braun Accepts Suspension for Remainder of Season

If I were writing a headline for what happened with Ryan Braun this week (oh hey, I just did!), my headline would definitely include a caveat noting that a deal was made. Stating that Ryan Braun was suspended by Major League Baseball, but not that a deal was made between Ryan Braun and MLB that Braun would sit for 65 games is not telling the whole story.

Braun, who is currently injured, could have potentially been suspended for 100 games next year if he had chose to keep fighting. By accepting a 65 game suspension, he doesn’t lose time in a meaningful season for his team, which is out of contention, and he loses less money than he would have if he had received the same suspension next year when his pay increases. This is, to be sure, a win for MLB, but it’s also not a great loss for Braun, other than to his reputation. Read More…

The phrase “innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt” is about as much as most people understand about the American system of justice. We hold this phrase on high, and we use it as a way of proclaiming ourselves as a civilized society. If you or I were to be charged with a crime we did not commit, we would likely go to court with the idea that we would be exonerated by a jury of our peers. I have some thoughts on whether that is actually true or a great American myth, but regardless it is one of our core principles when we consider ourselves as a society.

You’ve already read, or seen on CNN/MSNBC/everywhere else that ESPN has reported that MLB is going to attempt to suspend up to 20 current players, including Alex Rodriguez, Ryan Braun, and two of the more popular Padres players, Everth Cabrera and the already once suspended Yasmani Grandal. I’m not going to link to any of it, it’s everywhere. As much as I’d like to see PEDs rooted from sports, if they don’t have evidence of use beyond a reasonable doubt, they should not go forward with suspensions on any of these players. Read More…

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ESPN is reporting this evening that Everth Cabrera is among five new names connected to a list of players who received performance enhancing drugs from the South Florida clinic run by Anthony Bosch. Also listed in the new documents is new Padres reliever Fautino De Los Santos.

The new players listed in documents from the Biogenesis of America clinic run by Anthony Bosch: San Diego Padres shortstop Everth Cabrera, 26, the reigning National League stolen base champion; Jordan Norberto, 26, a lefty reliever with the Oakland A’s; Fernando Martinez, 24, a Houston Astros outfielder; Fautino De Los Santos, 27, a reliever claimed off waivers by the Padres, and Cesar Puello, 21, a top Mets outfield prospect.

Sources said the players, like those who have been named in previous Biogenesis documents, were on a list as having received performance-enhancing drugs, although the documents are not proof that the players either received or used PEDs.

Why Cabrera, indeed. Read More…