nochargersWelcome, new Padres fans who used to be Los Angeles San Diego Los Angeles Chargers fans!

Go ahead and set up your folding chair and enjoy our tailgate party. Here’s a .394 San Diego Pale Ale for you to enjoy. Good, isn’t it?

Oh, wait, you are 21, right? Oh, that’s good. No, no need to check ID. We’re on the honor system here.

So, you’re new to Petco Park, right? I mean, you’ve mostly been spending your hard-earned money on that other team with the lightning logo and that inane “BOLT UP” slogan, I’m guessing.

What gave it away? Well, the brand new Matt Kemp t-shirt that you picked up at Target. Probably last week, right? You likely have that Derek Norris one too, am I correct in assuming? Of course I am.

That’s okay, though! I’m glad you have come into the Padres fold. I’ve watched for far too long as Chargers fans looked down on Padres fans as lesser beings.

“How can you support those losers?”

“I prefer my money & support go to a winning organization. When was the last time the Padres made the playoffs?”

Now you guys will be coming over from the dark side in droves. But that’s okay. We don’t mind.

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I was on “The Sports Page” with Kevin Acee and Annie Heilbrunn Monday night with Brady from Lobshots and John from Bolts from the Blue, where we “debated” the Padres vs the Chargers. Part 1 aired on Monday night and was mainly about Petco Park vs Qualcomm Stadium, hands down a slam dunk on this one. Part 2 is tonight and is about the teams and players (I think?) plus we talk a little Manti Te’o. Part 3 will air Wednesday and its about fans. It was actually a blast and I enjoyed hearing the Chargers side of things for all of these.

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