Six years ago yesterday the Padres retired Trevor Hoffman’s jersey number at a ceremony at Petco Park. The Padres social media team reminded us, as they’ve done a great job bringing back “on this day” events from Padres history.

I was at Trevor’s ceremony and wanted to share some of my own memories. Here’s Hoffman making his grand entrance the way he does best. It was fun cheering our collective balls off for Hell’s Bells again after watching him finish his career doing it in Milwaukee. At his ceremony he wanted his family to have the opportunity to experience the entrance from his perspective.

The Padres greats with previously retired numbers were there and stood ominously just past the infield dirt, all wearing Padres jerseys from their respective eras.

Steve Garvey, Tony Gwynn, Dave Winfield, Randy Jones

I picked up an early release from good buddy Jordan of what would become the first Bring Back The Brown sunglasses. That was the beginning of a fun era, and the various BBTB sunglasses are still in my every day rotation. #fashionchat

I miss the retired number display on the batter’s eye. Moving them to the home plate gate was a good post hoc solution, but if the team really wanted to they could have displayed them in both places. Here’s what I said about the replacening at the time.

Ted Leitner emceed the event and did great. At one point Leitner mentioned the Padres  recently signed Austin Hedges and Joe Ross, a big deal during the time when not all drafted players signed. Hedges especially had a strong commitment to college. I cheered my own balls off, but was the only one in my section and got some weird looks.

Hope you enjoyed! Follow me on Twitter for more ball cheering.