It’s that time again. The 2013 McRib Awards continue with a very special category for you all to vote on.

The Fox Sports San Diego Girls have been staunch allies of Padres Public ever since they first came on the scene in early 2012, when we were all still doing our own blogs. When I told them the concept of the McRib Awards while at the Gameday Sports Bar in Sycuan Casino — and that our readers would determine the results — Katie (The Blonde One), Brie (The Other One), and Nathalie (The Ex-One) got very excited.

“Do us,” all three of them yelled out in unison, causing some heads to look up for a split-second from video slot and poker machines.

My initial reaction was one of utter shock. After someone helped me back into the chair I had just fallen out of, I realized that they actually wanted their own award for people to vote on.

Who am I to deny them potential bragging rights? So I will comply with their wishes, because I’m just a big softie.

Besides, there’s no guarantee any of them will be here next year at this time, if history is any indication.

Seriously, Fox Sports San Diego goes through their brand ambassadors like they have an expiration date tattooed on the back of their necks and will self-destruct if employed beyond that.

Actually, that would be kind of cool to see. Make it happen, FSSD.

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In case you weren’t paying attention…

Always enjoy responsibly. Don’t read and drive.

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