Ken Rosenthal reported Saturday on this offseason plan for the Padres.

Traditionally, because gathering resources is difficult, teams try to focus on acquiring players that complement a team expected to win, or they try to use remaining resources of a bad to acquire players for the future. This is an oversimplification of course, but it’s generally true that focusing priorities into one area helps from being spread too thin everywhere.

The Padres, according to Rosenthal are trying to do both: acquire assets to compete in the future, while simultaneously turning a team with 71 context neutral wins (known as baseruns) the previous season into a winner. And also, they want to spend less money in the process.

In case my skepticism isn’t yet apparent, let me be explicit: I’m skeptical of such a plan. It sounds like the plan an ownership group with high ambition, but little patience or baseball operations experience would think is a good idea. Here’s Peter Seidler in July: “We think we’re smarter to put all of our energy into competing year after year after year.”

Ownership might be especially willing to agree to that plan if promised by a young, brazen general manager looking to make good on what were likely similarly risky promises made a year before. Sounds great as a plan, but is also difficult to pull off in reality.

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