This year’s Vedder Cup has come and gone, but the histories (real or imagined) of the San Diego Padres and Seattle Mariners remain inextricably intertwined. Long before Bud Selig cried “rivalry,” there was a link.

A total of 79 men have played for both teams, from Eliezer Alfonso, to Bill Laxton, to Josh Wilson. In a previous article ($), I created a list of men who spent a fair amount of time in both cities.

Narrowing that further, six guys have logged at least 162 games or 162 innings pitched for each team. Today we celebrate three of them: Mike Cameron, Ben Davis, and Sterling Hitchcock. Read More…

Last August, I was able to tour this beautiful country with my American Fiddle Rock band Lexington Field.  After almost four weeks on the road we rolled into Seattle to play one of our last shows on tour.  The city, the ocean, and just the overall atmosphere made me feel like I was home again.  It was one of my favorite stops on the tour and it could be a place I would want to live someday.  And now…I understand the rivalry!

Can it stand the test of time?

Can it stand the test of time?

The dreaded rivalry Major League Baseball has forced upon us.  San Diego Padres vs. Seattle Mariners.  I get it.  Both are harbor cities.  Both have a laid back attitude.  Both have killer seafood.  And both baseball teams have been breaking the hearts of their fans for years!   When Houston moved over to the American League this year, Interleague play all of sudden became interesting.  We don’t just have to wait for a few weeks in May and June, we get it all season long.  They also established a rivalry week where a team is matched up with their “rival” for 4 games (2 home & away).  From May 27 to May 30, the interleague rivals will battle it out.  We will be fighting for the Vedder Cup (explained by many Padres blogs of the past).   You need consistency to establish tradition.  Making the leagues have the same amount of teams, adding a locked in rivalry week, and having a fair rotation of interleague contests, like the NFL, will help baseball market and strengthen these cross league rivalries. Read More…