We caught up with John Conniff of MadFriars.com and FoxSports San Diego on his recent trip to Low-A Fort Wayne, Indiana. The TinCaps are the first full season team in the Padres’ organization and play in one of the best stadiums in the minor leagues at their downtown stadium Parkview Field.

This year’s team is one of the youngest that San Diego has ever sent to the Midwest League with six of their eight everyday players twenty-one years old or younger.

The stars of the club are first baseman Jake Bauers, third baseman Dustin Peterson and second baseman/shortstop Josh Van Meter, all of whom have yet to turn twenty.

Jake Bauers (Photo by Jeff Nycz)

We caught up with John for his recent trip to the Summit City.

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It’s been kind of a busy week for me. On Monday, I posted a piece on the surprisingly awesome season Seth Smith is having. Amazingly, Seth Smith is still alive, well, and hitting the crap out of baseballs. This minor miracle would be enough to satiate me for a week, but it was also my anniversary this week. Four wonderful years of marriage. Good times. To celebrate, she dragged me to the Cleveland Botanical Gardens, and I dragged her to a minor league baseball game. Because the most important thing you need to know about marriage is that if you do something they want to do, you might be able to guilt them into doing something you want to do. Democracy. America.

Anyway, the Padres’ Low-A affiliate, the Fort Wayne TinCaps, traveled east to the Greater Cleveland Metropolitan Area this week for a three game series against the Lake County Captains. The Captains play about 45 minutes away from my home on the opposite side of town, and I hemmed and hawed on whether to make the trip, but when I found out that there were seats available in the front row directly behind home plate, I decided we had to make the trip. So we headed out on Tuesday for the 1pm start, and my wife was absolutely thrilled to find out the game would be delayed 45 minutes due to a small amount of pre-game rain.

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