Brady Phelps from Lobshots is welcomed appears on this episode with Rick and Chris on Padres and Pints: the Podcast! Brady explains what he thinks defines success for the 2015 Padres. Then he spends the rest of the episode ranting about Twitter and forcing on Chris and Rick his questionable knowledge of wine.

You can read Brady’s sports and pop culture blog at and follow him on Twitter.

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In case you weren’t paying attention…

Always enjoy responsibly. Don’t read and drive.

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I was on “The Sports Page” with Kevin Acee and Annie Heilbrunn Monday night with Brady from Lobshots and John from Bolts from the Blue, where we “debated” the Padres vs the Chargers. Part 1 aired on Monday night and was mainly about Petco Park vs Qualcomm Stadium, hands down a slam dunk on this one. Part 2 is tonight and is about the teams and players (I think?) plus we talk a little Manti Te’o. Part 3 will air Wednesday and its about fans. It was actually a blast and I enjoyed hearing the Chargers side of things for all of these.

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Rumor has it that a few Padres Public members, and our good buddy Brady from Lobshots, will be appearing on Padres POV tonight at 6:00PM on Fox Sports San Diego (Cox 56/1056, AT&T 776/1776, DirecTV 694). It is a fantastic show that is hosted by the even more fantastic Megan Olivi.

Make sure you tune in and count how many Jeff Cirillo references there are and tweet us your comments using the #PPLive hashtag.



Fox Sports San Diego has a new home and invited a few select people to take a “hard hat tour” of the new studio today. So SDPads1 of RJ’s Fro and I took them up on their offer. Because we very rarely pass up free stuff (Sorry, Ray, but it’s true).

Executive Producer for Fox Sports San Diego, Jeff Byle, led the tour for a few advertisers and a couple of guys who “write…on the internet”* from Gaslamp Ball, Chicken Friars and LobShots, along with yours truly.

*Credit to Tom Garfinkel for introducing us to Josh Byrnes with that at the awards banquet last month, coining our new catchphrase at the same time. All rights reserved. Don’t try to steal it. Left Coast Bias is a lawyer.

FSSD gutted the old Cox Channel 4 studio and started over from scratch. I wasn’t sure if I could take pictures of the studio itself, so I decided to err on the side of caution and didn’t take any. But I can describe it pretty well.

Well, then! Get on with it!

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So, just to be clear, Jeff Pearlman of SI writing for Esquire, wearing an ’84 Padres cap is the equivalent to working at a Taco Bell? The hell kinda thing is that to say? BP from Lobshots here, that’s an article from last summer, and I take issue with almost everything Pearlman said. Everything except the part about Tony Gwynn being a legend and the ’84 Padres hat being the best all-time. As fans, we are fully immersed in the era of the throwback. More now than ever, our jerseys, our hats, our everything is throwback. We happen to live in the best city in America, and our two professional sports teams just happen to have the best throwback gear, the Padres’ brown and mustard, and the Bolts’ powder blues. The hats you see above were a rarity at Padres games just a few years ago, and now, they’re everywhere… might as well learn a little bit about ’em.

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