Here it is. All of the Padres bobbleheads, that I own, in one single post. 57 61 69 74 81 84 98 101 different Padres, Beavers, Quakes, Storm, Wizards, Stars, managers, announcers, mascots, dreamboats, skaters and sleepy voiced ex-owners. I’ve written in depth about many of these already, so if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments below and I’ll fill you in on them.

Some Additional Notes:

-The Tony Gwynn set of 5 was not a Padres affiliated giveaway and was reportedly a set that Alicia Gwynn teamed up with another company on. I’m not sure of the year, or if they were given away or sold, but I believe it was in 2001.

-I found out that the set that features Trevor Hoffman, Ryan Klesko, Mark Kotsay and Phil Nevin was indeed given away at a game on August 4th, 2002, but was for kids only. You could also go to Carl’s Jr. every Saturday for 5 consecutive weeks and purchase a combo meal to buy a different bobblehead for $4.99 though, which is what I did. My cholesterol levels have never been the same.

-The Jerry Coleman bobblehead was a San Diego National Bank item from 2001 and I am uncertain if it was a giveaway or sold there it was given away to “special friends of the bank” only.

-With that said, arguably the two biggest icons in Padres history, Gwynn and Coleman, have still never had a Padres bobblehead giveaway.

-A HUGE thank you to the Fort Wayne TinCaps for providing the Rymer Liriano, Mat Latos, Matt Wisler & Josh Van Meter bobbleheads to the worlds biggest Padres bobblehead collection.

-For more info on the Chris Denorfia unreleased bobblehead, go here.

If you have any bobbleheads that aren’t listed here, that you’d like to contribute to my sickness the cause, then shoot me an e-mail.

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This Saturday, a good majority of the Padres Public crew will be attending the Lake Elsinore Storm game as they take on the Lancaster Jethawks (Astros). We have a Party Deck reserved and are all excited to be attending. It is Social Media Night, along with Martial Arts Night AND you get FREE Hidden Valley dressing that night.Pure awesomeness. That right there is Minor League baseball in a nutshell. I have been many times over the years and it never disappoints. Cheap, fun, quality entertainment for the whole family and if you haven’t been to a game at The Diamond yet, then you are truly missing out.

In years past I stuck to Padres only bobbleheads. But recently I have begun hitting up the Minor League bobbleheads as well. This is a little more difficult since I can’t exactly attend every game in Lake Elsinore, Eugene, Fort Wayne, San Antonio or Tucson since I live in San Diego. I sometimes see them on eBay but they tend to be a little pricey for some reason. I have a few from the various teams but I’ll focus on the Storm for this post.

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There are many things that excite me as a Padres fan in 2013: the new Ballast Point Beer Garden at Petco Park, top prospect Jedd Gyorko, and… okay, there are two things that excite me. Let’s talk about Gyorko.

The Padres second-round pick in 2010 out of West Virginia University won the starting second base job this spring. He currently splits time between second and third while Chase Headley recovers from a thumb injury sustained just before Opening Day.

What we know about Gyorko is that a) he will hit (.319/.385/.529 in 1,500 minor-league PA) and b) he may or may not be a second baseman. But he’s there now, so we’ll roll with it. Read More…