As you know by now, I am a strange human being who collects a ridiculous amount of Padres memorabilia. Next to bobbleheads, old magazines, programs, media guides and newspaper articles are probably my next favorite thing to collect. The old ads are fascinating. Flip to any page and the odds of landing on a beer or cigarette ad are pretty solid. What player was being highly touted at that time and did they ever pan out? And the vintage pictures are a blast.

I thought I’d do a new little segment here where I occasionally browse through one of those items and share some stuff with you.

When I was at the SABR garage sale, I came across this Sporting News from April 28th, 1986. I noticed the Padres on the cover and was really interested in reading up about this “Team Turmoil” that they were speaking of.


We all know what the Padres did in 1984 but our story starts the following year, in 1985. The Padres went 83-79 that year and finished 3rd in the NL West, 12 games behind the Los Angeles Dodgers. The ’85 Padres had a team high 7 All-Stars (Steve Garvey, Goose Gossage, Tony Gwynn, LaMarr Hoyt, Terry Kennedy, Graig Nettles & Garry Templeton), which is a record that still stands to this day. They even spent a considerable amount of time in first place. In fact with the exception of the retiring Kurt Bevacqua it appeared that most of the roster would be returning in 1986 as well. And then the off-season happened.

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Okay, so the Padres apparently don’t believe bobblehead giveaways sell tickets.

But some of us here at Padres Public┬áthink they just need to show a little creativity to get people out to the ballpark with bobbleheads. And by some of us, I mean me. Because Avenging Jack Murphy wasn’t nearly as creative as he thinks.

Oh, great! Another bobblehead post? Where’s the analysis? Where’s the reports on the farm system? Where’s the counter-response to that one Bleacher Report article that no one read?

You haven’t been “reading” my stuff for very long, have you?

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