Retro weekend.  Three out of four games against the Chicago Cubs honoring the 1984 National League Championship team.  And brown.  Lots of brown.

You might think this would be a perfect time to announce that the Padres were working on new uniforms that somehow incorporate brown into the color scheme.  I mean, they’re honoring their past, right?  They wore the brown 1984 road jerseys two nights in a row, at home.  And gave away 40,000+ brown replica jerseys to fans on Saturday.  Brown is arguably the most identifiable color used by a Major League team.  Ever!

No brainer, right?

Then Bernie “The Woirst” Wilson of the Associated Press revealed the following:

Disappointing indeed.  But, then Fowler said something that really hurt…

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brandonclineBy Brandon Cline

This past Memorial Day weekend, the Padres hosted the Cubs and brought back the 1984 uniforms in remembrance of that glorious season in which the Padres got to their first World Series.  The Padres went full bore this weekend.  Thursday, Friday, and Saturday they wore 1984 uniforms, changed the colors of the various displays on the scoreboards and ribbons to brown.  Players like Garry Templeton, Goose Gossage, a very young Tony Gwynn, and yes, even Steve Garvey flooded the thoughts and memories of those cognizant enough to remember.

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Sometimes things get a little fuzzy after spending an evening in the pub.  Then your scientific theory that “brown = offense” gets blown out the water by a Cubs’ pitcher not named Edwin Jackson.  So here’s a friendly reminder of what you might have missed while you were drinking.

The Padres (22-28) were defeated by the Chicago Cubs (18-29) last night, 3-2.  If not for Carlos Quentin‘s 2-run pinch hit home run — his second PH homer of the season — it would have likely been a shutout.  Travis Wood (5-4, 4.35) pitched 7 1/3 innings, shutting down the Friars’ offense until Quentin came up to bat for Alex Torres in the bottom of the eighth inning.

Billy Buckner (0-1, 4.76) — who was added to the roster to replace Robbie Erlin — pitched 5 2/3 innings, giving up 3 earned runs on 6 hits and 4 walks with 4 strikeouts.  One of those hits was a solo home run by Cubs’ third baseman Luis Valbuena, which knocked Buckner out of the game.

This afternoon at 1:10 pm PDT, the Padres and Cubs wrap up the series.  Ian Kennedy (2-6, 3.79) takes the mound for the Padres against the Cubs and Jason Hammel (5-2, 2.91).  The first 25,000 in attendance get a pair of Padres brown Knockaround Fort Knocks sunglasses.

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padres brown retro hatI’m exceedingly cautious with all my hat and jersey purchases. I’ll think for a month or more about a new hat or jersey before making the commitment to add it to my collection. There’s a lot to think about–price, whether I should buy it online or try it out first, how it might match with my existing wardrobe…these things are important to any fashion conscious sports fan.

After months of careful internal debate, last week I finally settled on a 1969-70 brown hat and headed to a sports apparel store. The Padres store charges prices in the mid $40s for throwback hats, so I’d suggest looking elsewhere.

Once inside the store I located my hat of choice, but only a single row of them. The owner noticed the look of confusion on my face about only finding size 7 hats in my preferred style. “We only have size 7 and 7 1/8,” he told me. “Those hats don’t sell well.”

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To go along with the new hat, Majestic has made some tweaks to the Spring Training-Batting Practice Jerseys too!  The Padres are one of 5 teams that will have a different jersey for home and away games (Red Sox, Reds, Twins, Yankees).  The Brewers will also have an alternate jersey for special games.  The improvements, and I do believe they are improvements, are small in nature and help with the overall design, especially with the new hats.

They added piping along the collar and sleeves in our secondary sand color and gray, respectively.  The Padres font is smaller on the front.  On the old away uniforms, there was a gray stripe which is now replaced with a smaller gray section under the armpit.  This section is now placed on the home jersey in the sand color as well.  I like how there is some consistency now and seeing the jerseys up close at FanFest, they look extremely comfortable.   The Padres should be looking sharp this spring!


This post was originally published November 15th, 2011, shortly following the Padres announcement of their most recent jersey redesign. It’s reproduced here, unedited, made relevant after the discussion surrounding new Padres President/CEO Mike Dee’s proclamation that the team would not be incorporating the color brown into their look and ESPN/Paul Lukas ranking the Padres jerseys dead last for the second year in a row.


Padres jerseys mariners jerseys

Ray: Yesterday, after months of rumors and speculation, the Padres unveiled their new uniforms for the 2012 season and while no drastic changes were made, Jeff Moorad and Tom Garfinkel did give the uniform collectors out there something to put on their Christmas list. The biggest change is the piping featured on all of the jerseys, which is meant to emulate the design of the PCL-era set. Other changes include the evening out of the road script (goodbye bow tie) and a new alternate jersey which features the interlocking SD on the chest.

The whole look is incredibly underwhelming, which seems to be what the Padres are going for under Moorad and Garfinkel, but before I go any further, what do you think, Mel?

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In case you weren’t paying attention.
Come on now. Pay attention.

Here at Padres Public, we’re all about the Padres. And the Padres. But mostly the Padres. When we’re not talking about the Padres, that is.

Always enjoy responsibly. Don’t read and drive.

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Hi. My name is SDPads1 and I am a Padres merch addict.

Yes I said merch. You know, as in merchandise. I hear that admitting that you have a problem is the first step to fixing it. Though the only problem I have is that I don’t WANT to fix it.

In case you don’t know .400 in ’94 is a site where I post random Padres memorabilia that I’ve accumulated through the years. One day it could be a bobblehead and another day it could be a cook book. Whatever I feel might be interesting I’ll post it.

To keep with the FanFest theme I will be discussing some stuff that I’ve bought at the Garage Sale in years past. Earlier this week Corey Brock gave a glimpse of some of the items you can get this year so get those game plans mapped out, because this is the one time of the year where I turn into someone who’d literally stab anybody in my way to get the chance to buy a plain white towel that COULD HAVE been used to ice Milton Bradley’s knee after Buddy Black broke him in half. The thrill of the hunt is an amazing thing.

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