If the Padres played seven-inning games, they’d be doing great. They just need to eliminate the second and third innings:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Ext
Padres 29 19 7 22 21 18 27 24 17 1
Opponents 22 37 24 28 30 10 24 13 16 1

Eliminating the fourth and fifth wouldn’t hurt either, but those aren’t killing the Padres the way the second and third are. Through the team’s first 46 games, San Diego is being outscored by 37 runs in those innings.

No big deal, it’s just two innings, right? Well, not exactly:

2 & 3 Others
Padres 26 159
Opponents 61 144

Yes, it’s just two innings. Without them, though, the Padres have outscored the opposition by 15 runs. Read More…

In case you weren’t paying attention.

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It could be worse.

Jeffrey Loria could be the Padres owner.

I mean, really, how bad is it for the Miami Marlins right now? They have a dimwit for an owner.

Jeffrey Loria is the former owner of the Montreal Expos who essentially traded the entire Expos organization to Major League Baseball for the then Florida Marlins.

Jeffrey Loria.

Who convinced the City of Miami and Dade County to fund a new retractable roof stadium for the rebranded Miami Marlins. To be fair, the Marlins put up $155 million. But, taxpayers in Miami will be paying back $2.4 billion in bonds.


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