In the fifth inning of yesterday’s game, Chase d’Arnaud tried to steal third base with one out and Luis Torrens at the plate. This is the story of that play, as told by those most closely involved with it (all interviews may or may not be real).

Chase d’ArnaudI’m just trying to get to third base with one out. Look, love Torrens, but—this isn’t on the record, right?—there’s no way he’s getting a hit there. [laughs] I stole second just before that, and I thought I had a pretty good read on [Jacob] Turner, plus their third baseman was playing way off the bag. My job is to get to third so Torrens can drive me in just by putting the ball in the air. With Jhoulys Chacin on-deck, I’m thinking our best chance of scoring is for me to get to third ASAP. That’s all I’m thinking about. Well that and kicking my brother’s ass in some ping pong over the all-star break. [laughs]

Brian Goodwin: Yeah, I’ve had that happen a few times before. As soon as that ball’s hit, I’m just thinking catch it, catch it, catch it. It’s an easy two outs for my guy Turner there, and it helps us get out of the inning without any further damage. That guy’s a hard-nosed scrapper, but you can file that under “shit happens.”

Wilmer Difo: Don’t tell Goodwin, but he could have made a better throw there. Almost ate me up.

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