Four years ago, I started a project out of, quite frankly, spite and disappointment.

I now feel a responsibility to maintain this thing I started.

Because the Padres Twittersphere is an ever-evolving entity. Players and people leave, sometimes even of their own accord. Some who have stayed have changed their Twitter usage to not be all that interesting of a follow anymore. Still others just seem to have given up the medium altogether.

Some do a bit of all of that, sailing off into the distanceĀ in silence, like a sailboat in the night.

So, here we are. The fourth iteration of my “Padres Must-Follow” Twitter list.

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We tracked down the very busy Ben Higgins of XTRA Sports 1360 “The World of Sports” and Channel 10 Sports for the latest Padres and Pints at the amazing Iron Fist Brewing Company in Vista, California. Due to the pure awesomeness of the content, it forced my old computer to crash, resulting in having to buy a new computer and delaying the release of the video. But it’s here finally!

Ben tells some fascinating stories about his grandparents and their strong ties to Padres Spring Training history and a famous surgery. Of course we talk about his many jobs, the Padres trade deadline deal of Ian Kennedy and his viral video super stardom as well.

We also chat with the Head Brewer at Iron Fist, Brandon Sieminski. He fills us in on their upcoming 3rd Anniversary event, some specialty beers they have in the works and the in’s and out’s of Iron Fist.

So sit back (preferably with an Iron Fist brew) and enjoy!


Channel 10 Sports XTRA


That’s a slick looking group in their Knockarounds

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