You may have noticed that Padres and Pints now has it’s own section located on the right (A big thank you to Melvin for setting that up for us!).

There’s a reason for this, as we currently have quite a few things in the works. Now that all of the past videos have been completed and posted, we are ready to book more new guests. And, as a matter of fact, we have indeed done just that….twice in the next two weeks.

To hold you over for the time being and to hopefully lighten the mood in Padre-land, we decided to cut a quick promo. Because “Hey! It’s baseball!”

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It was quietly announced last week that the Padres and Ballast Point are once again teaming up for their 2nd Annual Homebrew Contest. The winner will get the opportunity to throw out the first pitch before an upcoming Padres game (8/19/13) and have their beer produced and sold by Ballast Point. The rules are pretty simple.

  • No sours, barrel aged beers or beers that contain brettanomyces or wild yeast will be accepted
  • It needs to be less than 7% alcohol content
  • Must be 21+ to enter
  • Each entry must consist of 3 bottles, only 12 oz or 22oz bottles will be accepted

(Click on link above for the complete rules)

Last year the Avenger-in-Chief and myself had the amazing opportunity to help judge the competition. 27 entries later and Erik Parker won with his Pale Ale called “Time to Panic”. We shot some footage for Padres and Pints but around that time my computer decided to crap out on me and made editing nearly impossible. I eventually got it working properly again and now seems like the right time to post that episode. In it, we chat with Ballast Point Specialty Brewer Colby Chandler about the keys to winning the contest and #swoon over all things Ballast Point. Enjoy!

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