When dinosaurs ruled the Earth, I used to publish “Friday Links” at Ducksnorts. The name pretty well describes the feature, and I’ve decided to resurrect it here for the 2015 season. It’ll still run on Fridays, but there will only be five links, hence the new moniker.

That was a tedious explanation of something that shouldn’t need one. Here are more interesting things to read, in no particular order:

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Except when it doesn’t.

So, Huston Street and Tyson Ross are your San Diego Padres 2014 All-Stars, although Ross will not play having started on Sunday.  Street was named to replace Ross on the active All-Star roster.


The Padres wanted us to write-in Seth Smith on our All-Star ballots this year. Because his name wasn’t on the ballot and everyone else sucked.

Last week, I explored possible replacements for Ross on the All-Star roster this year.  Seeing as how Smith was denied not chosen, that got me thinking:  When was the last time a position player from the Padres started an All-Star game?

The last time a position player actually started the All-Star Game was 1998 at Coors Field in Denver, when Tony Gwynn was voted in by the fans.  Andy Ashby, Kevin Brown, Trevor Hoffman, and Greg Vaughn joined Gwynn as All-Star reserves.

1998?  That long ago?  Have the Padres really sucked that bad?  Well, yes and no.  Part of the problem with having the fans vote is players that get national attention tend to get the most votes.  And the Padres have rarely gotten national attention since 1998.  Not for anything positive, that is.

Not saying that’s necessarily a bad thing, just that’s the way it is.

So, what happened between 1998 and today?  How many players have been All-Stars since?

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The Padres just had a 7-game winning streak snapped by the Giants. Frankly, the only thing worse would have been if the end had come against those dirty, stinking Seattle Mariners. Time for a new streak. Maybe the Padres can make a run at their all time winning streak. What was that number?

Which, in turn, got me thinking:

What were the longest streaks in Padres history?

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It could be worse.

Jeffrey Loria could be the Padres owner.

I mean, really, how bad is it for the Miami Marlins right now? They have a dimwit for an owner.

Jeffrey Loria is the former owner of the Montreal Expos who essentially traded the entire Expos organization to Major League Baseball for the then Florida Marlins.

Jeffrey Loria.

Who convinced the City of Miami and Dade County to fund a new retractable roof stadium for the rebranded Miami Marlins. To be fair, the Marlins put up $155 million. But, taxpayers in Miami will be paying back $2.4 billion in bonds.


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Hello, friends. Collecting jerseys has become some weird sort of hobby for me. I won’t say I’ve been immune to the many bootleg jerseys floating around, but I’ve noticed that while the quantity of these fakes has increased, the quality has severely decreased. I’ve seen all but the last jersey on this page at Petco Park, and I can’t ever figure out why. At this point, these bootlegs are selling on eBay or superhappyfuntotallyauthenticsportjerseysite.com for $50-100. You can buy a “replica” jersey for around those prices.

Perhaps we would see fewer of these jerseys if MLB.com offered authentic lettering on replica jerseys. Let the quality of the authentic jerseys (and yes, they are much nicer) up-sell themselves. While the money from merchandise doesn’t go directly to each individual club, the bootlegs support something perhaps more sinister than Major League Baseball. And you look like a turd, usually.

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