One of the better Padres promotions for this season will happen on 24 May, as part of the 1984 NL Championship team celebrations (and, appropriately, against the vanquished Cubs).  Replica Retro Jersey Night motivated me to buy tickets and bring the family. During Media Preview Night, a couple of the jerseys were on display (from the Padres website, via Gaslamp Ball):

24 May 14 retro jersey night

Word on the street is Garvey and Whitson jerseys will also be available.  This is tough – who do you choose?  Let’s break it down.

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In case you missed it last week, Metz of Padres Trail announced that the San Diego Chapter of SABR would be having a Garage Sale fundraiser. Never one to turn down a garage sale, I put it on my list for the day.

As I pulled up around 8:45AM I expected to see a line waiting to get in and was shocked to find no one outside. I thought to myself, did I go to the right place? Was it the right day? Maybe no one is showing up and it can ALL BE MINE!! As I walked in I immediately realized that there were scavengers already digging through the stuff. Bloody savages! Doesn’t anyone have any etiquette anymore? It was at that point where I bum rushed a 90 year old lady and pushed her to the ground (I’m kidding) to get this….
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