The inaugural Padres Public Online Scavenger Hunt is now over and done with and a winner has been named.

For those of you who weren’t paying attention — which based on the number of entries I received wasn’t as much as I expected — Padres Public managed to get a few copies of MLB Bloopers Deluxe Doubleheader and Prime 9: MLB Heroics DVDs from MLB Productions. So, I decided to have a online scavenger hunt through all of my posts in a series of 19 questions.

(If you find yourself asking “Why 19?” you should stop reading this blog and Google “San Diego Padres #19” right now.)

The winner is Nate, aka @Taterz1021 on Twitter, who correctly answered 18 out of the 19 questions I asked.

Let’s take a look at the questions, followed by the answer I was looking for and the post that it was contained in.

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Last year, I wrote about my experience catching my first Padres game ever in Dodger Stadium. And by experience, I mean nightmare. Between the rude fans, the long concession lines and the screwy-ass entrance layout, if I ever have another chance to catch a game up in Chavez Latrine, I’ll pass.

I figured I’d just be lazy and do an old-fashioned copy & paste for this week’s submission, seeing how Sunday was the anniversary of that trip.

To be fair, we did have a good time at Golden Road Brewing pregame.

Seriously. I never want to go back there. Read on to see why.

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