Watching Wil Myers bat last week had me wondering about his swing: his back foot is super weird. Hover your mouse over the image below to watch:

That’s Wil smacking around a double off the Cardinals’ Seth Maness last Friday and one of 9 Padres swings measured atĀ 108mph or more off the bat so far thisĀ season.

In part thanks to the awesomeness that is Fox Sports’ high speed camera, there’s a lot to see. Now, I’m not anywhere close to being a scout. I also don’t have much experience hitting; I was fairly bad* at hitting baseballs until I stopped trying at age 15.

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You’re a busy person. You don’t have time to sit and wait for a slow loading flash video player to initialize, only to be followed by more agonizing seconds of intro graphics swooshing across the screen when watching Padres highlights online. And it goes without saying you want to watch them over and over again, staring at and memorized by the screen until you wake up with a little drool on your face 10 minutes later. That’s why you want your highlights in gif form.

I recently realized I know how to make gifs, so I made this one for people like us. Padres Prospect and frequent sparkle in Bryant from Woe Doctor’s eye Austin Hedges shows off a luscious pop time and nabs a runner stealing second at the Futures Game. Enjoy.

Austin  Hedges throws out a runner with a swoon-worthy pop time in the 2013 Futures Game

Big ups to Jodes for being in the Padres giffin’ craze at ground level.