Saturday was the annual Padres FanFest. Originally, I was going to write a recap of my day. But I was so bored there I didn’t even bother taking any notes and only took a couple of photos. I’ll let Ryan sum up the rest of my feelings on the last few FanFests:

Now that we have¬†that (not unexpected) disappointment out of the way, I ended up going to Bub’s at the Ballpark with your good friend and mine, Nathan Zack. The plan was to meet Dave and Laura Perek there, which has become sort of an annual tradition for Nathan whenever he’s in town. I had never met Dave or Laura before, even though we’ve followed each other on Twitter for years, so I was excited to finally get to do that.

Over the course of the two hours we spent at Bub’s, I was introduced to a little game the three of them play amongst themselves where they make predictions about the upcoming season. I was intrigued, to say the least, so I joined them for this year’s edition.

What follows is all of our selections for this¬†game. We don’t know how it’s going to end yet, but I’m pretty sure I nailed every category. I’ve put my selections in bold.

There¬†are no stakes. There is no prize. It’s all for fun.

So, relax, let’s have some fun out here! This game’s fun, OK?

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Sometimes things get a little fuzzy during an evening¬†at the pub. Here’s a friendly reminder of what you may have missed while you were drinking.

The Padres (6-10) scored fewer runs than the Pittsburgh Pirates (8-8), 11-1, at Petco Park last night.

James Shields (0-3, 4.15) gave up three runs in six innings on five hits and two walks with five strikeouts. The real problem happened in the seventh inning, when Leonel Campos took over for Shields. Campos gave up seven runs (five earned) on four hits and a walk with only one strikeout, which was the only out Campos got. Brad Hand relieved Campos and the Pirates scored another run off him before the inning finally ended. Hand pitched the eighth inning as well. Brandon Maurer was the lucky one, pitching the ninth inning in mop-up duty.

Gerrit Cole (1-2, 2.70) also pitched two innings, but with only four hits and no walks against seven strikeouts, the Padres were unable to score. Their one run came in the eighth inning on a Jon Jay single to score Adam Rosales, who reached base after getting hit with a pitch and advanced on Jabari Blash‘s groundout.

Tonight at 7:40pm PDT, the St Louis Cardinals come to Petco Park for three games. Andrew Cashner (0-1, 5.40) gets the start tonight while the Cardinals send out Adam Wainwright (0-2, 8.27).

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Sometimes things get a little fuzzy after spending an evening in the pub.  So here’s a friendly reminder of what you might have missed while you were drinking.

The Padres (26-33) lost to the Pittsburgh Pirates (28-30) last night, 4-1. ¬†Jesse Hahn (0-1, 9.82) got the start in his Major League debut and gave up all four runs on 2 2-run home runs in his¬†3 2/3 innings. ¬†Jason Lane made his Major League debut as a pitcher after his last MLB game as an outfielder seven years ago, relieving¬†Hahn and retiring all ten batters he faced. ¬†But the offense stunk, as we’ve seen all too often this year.

Gerrit Cole (6-3, 3.64) pitched 5 2/3 for the Pirates, surrendering just the one run on 4 hits and 2 walk with 6 strikeouts.

This afternoon the Friars wrap up the series with the Pirates at 3:40 pm PDT.  Ian Kennedy (4-6, 3.42) takes the mound against Francisco Liriano (1-5, 4.62).  Bobby Cressey will be playing the organ at PETCO Park today as a bonus for all in attendance.

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