Padres fans’ disappointment in the Padres 2012-13 off-season, when they did nothing to upgrade anything about the roster, has been well documented.

But, that was last year. What does this off-season hold in terms of potential free agent signings?

We’ve already seen changes, as Clayton Richard was shown the door (but there is always the chance that he comes back) last week. Colt Hynes was traded to the Cleveland Indians for cash. Mark Kotsay has retired.

Josh Byrnes has already given us this off-season’s “big believer in belief” moment, according to Jim Bowden of ESPN:

“General up-grades.” Yeah, that’s definitely a priority.

I used Yahoo! Sports Jeff Passan‘s Ultimate Free Agent Tracker to help me break down some of the 2013-14 free agent class and the likelihood of the Padres interest. Or disinterest, in most cases.

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